Thursday 14 September 2023

Dr Guthrie's Schools

"In 1970 I was sent to Dr Guthrie's Boys' School. I was eleven years old. I was falsely accused of stealing three empty ginger bottles. 

My father ... was on a war pension and struggled with PTSD. He ended up as a patient at Erskine Military Hospital. 

Instead of receiving care and protection, I was tortured and abused for 29 months and given virtually no education. I first complained about the abuse in 1988.... 

I contacted the Child Abuse Inquiry in December 2015. No one has been arrested. I haven't received an apology and the Abuse Inquiry has still not investigated Dr Guthrie's schools at the time of writing (21.3.23).

Unknown commented -

Dr Guthrie's schools Edinburgh were horrible abusive institutions and these filthy places are supposed to be investigated by the bogus Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of kids were abused and sexually assaulted  at Dr Guthrie's schools in Edinburgh. 

'I first complained about the abuse in 1988. My complaints were then dismissed and I was told I needed witnesses. I have made no progress since my first complaint in 1988.' 


Edinburgh survivors of abuse demand 'mocking' Princes Street statue is torn down - Edinburgh Live

'The Dr Thomas Guthrie statue at Edinburgh’s West Princes Street Gardens should be hauled down, according to abuse survivor David Smith.

A Guthrie’s school abuse survivor, Fred, started a petition to remove the statue five months ago. 

Dr Guthrie was a 19th century Scottish preacher who founded a school for impoverished children in 1847.

“My first night at Guthrie’s, I showered with the other boys and one wee boy’s entire body was black and blue. 

His whole body had been whipped and beaten...

Fred was subjected to physical, mental and sexual abuse for two years at Guthrie’s boys school. He was once locked in a small cupboard for two weeks 

Fred also accused staff of making pornographic movies of him and other boys. 

Fred’s hand was broken five times during his time at Guthrie’s, and he was also stabbed in the spine.

David accused the sick bay matron and her deputy assistant of sexually assaulting him in the sick bay when he was just 12 or 13 years old.

Some of Edinburgh's top schools, and top people, have been linked to abuse.


At 12 August 2023 at 08:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The boys' school was a disgusting place full of paedo staff who were cruel, abusive creeps. Education stopped after our 12th birthday and all we did was walk around the square, or we were taken to the gym or swimming pool to be sexually abused in the pool. Even in a snowstorm they insisted that we march up and down the square. The level of brutality and abuse - especially sexual abuse - was out of this world and it's all kept secret. People in Scotland, particularly in Edinburgh, are told that Dr Guthrie's schools were Christian ragged schools. However, this information is untrue and is essentially just covert propaganda being spread by the Dr Guthrie Association with the help of their friends in the Scottish Government. Dr Guthrie's schools were more like concentration camps than ragged schools. They were terrible places to be confined as a child.

At 12 August 2023 at 12:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an adult, search and you will find. Nobody else is going to do it for you.


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