Wednesday 6 September 2023

Dr. Brian Weiss

Dr. Brian Weiss

'With so much tragedy around us, we might lose hope and fall into a state of spiritual amnesia. It is important to remember that when we die and our souls cross to the other side, we do not take our money or physical possessions with us. We take our loving actions, our acts of kindness and compassion. These are rewarded a thousandfold.'


At 7 September 2023 at 04:02 , Anonymous Kevvingtons said...

Dr Weiss’ book ‘Many Lives Many Masters’ confirmed the feelings I retained from my NDE which occurred on the operating table when I was a child in 1969. He was an eminent Psychiatrist with much to lose be little to gain from his disclosures, making them all the more authentic. He is a man of integrity.

At 7 September 2023 at 04:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Icke's claims about the 'reincarnation trap'

Regarding going to the 'other side' after what seems to be death -

Have always appreciated the aspect of the reincarnation religions, that there is nothing to fear from a 'technical' or 'legalistic' mistake, from not following some mere procedure, or 'not believing in' something ... It is rather only the moral substance and intention of what one does that matters

Common people around the world typically have this idea, regardless of formal religion ... it is peasant wisdom to say, if you are a good person, you are okay with the divine, whatever your faith-membership

And furthermore, with reincarnation, there is always hope, always the opportunity to recover from wrongdoing, make amends, and turn in a better direction ... with another life even when this one ends

Yet recently David Icke has made an unfortunate assault on these comforting ideas, speaking of what he calls 'the reincarnation trap'

Expanding on the notion that life can be a kind of 'computer simulation', Icke seems to be suggesting that after death, the 'moving toward the light' etc ... may be a kind of 'trap' where we are 'tricked' into reincarnating ourselves, as if for the amusement of some demonic reptilian powers ... whereas we can perhaps avoid more suffering by 'resisting the trick', not choosing to reincarnate 'in ignorance', but staying 'free' to create our own reality etc

Some young people have started to run with this idea, one sees it popping up in the lively zoomer-generation religious discussion on 4chan

My own thought is that this is a detour, it re-introduces the idea of the 'legalistic trick' back into afterlife conceptions ... as if we still need to worry about evil 'tricks' after dying ... when it's only what's in the heart that will matter, as the Brian Weiss quote above notes


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