Friday 11 August 2023

Poland Ukraine

Anonymous comments on 'Col. Macgregor: Ukraine's WORST NIGHTMARE Has Been Exposed':

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, on video this week with English subtitles:

"Around 360,000 NATO soldiers have been placed in close proximity to Russia-Belarus borders ... these threats demand prompt and appropriate responses

"The militarisation of Poland ... they've begun large-scale weapon purchases from the US, UK and South Korea ... they have plans on setting up a so-called Polish-Ukrainian joint force, allegedly for 'safeguarding' West Ukraine, but in reality they're eyeing to occupy that territory."


At 12 August 2023 at 05:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unease, fear, and jailing of dissidents within Russia

Russia's most famous 'philosopher' figure, Alexander Dugin (born 1962) has recently launched sharp criticisms of the Kremlin, along the lines of statements by Igor 'Strelkov' Girkin before Strelkov was put in jail.

Dugin - whom Western media rather erroneously called 'Putin's brain', and whose daughter Darya Dugina was killed by a car bomb a year ago in August 2022 - also follows Strelkov in speaking of possibly being arrested himself and being ready for that. "If you are not ready to die for your ideas, then you simply do not have any ideas," says Dugin.

Dugin had been fairly quiet since his daughter's death, but the arrest of Strelkov seems to have inspired Dugin to step into Strelkov's place as famous critic, to the point of offering himself as the next dissident to be jailed, or worse.

photo of Dugin and Strelkov

Despite Ukraine's weaknesses, figures like Strelkov and Dugin greatly fear that this is an existential moment, and that the Russian oligarchy (at least one-fourth Jewish) is on a devious course to sabotage traditional Russia and its people, and hand it all over to globalist oligarchs ... the method of this via mismanaging and dragging out the Ukraine conflict, and likely eventually signing a needless semi-surrender. They fear the Kremlin is not really seeking to defend what it pretends to uphold.

Rolo Slavskiy, translating Dugin's recent writings, notes how the Kremlin is now jailing figures from all political sectors, people against the war, but also people for the war, but critical of how the Kremlin is running it ... any figure questioning the Kremlin oligarchy seems at risk now:

- Pro-Western Alexei Navalny (born 1976) given a new harsh 19-year prison sentence, to frighten the 'liberals'
- Nostalgic communist Boris Kagarlitsky (born1958) arrested, a man loudly recalling Soviet days where, despite other flaws, no one had worries about having housing, medical care, education, basic food, and a job
- Nationalist Strelkov (born 1970) arrested, saying the Kremlin was sabotaging a Ukraine conflict it could win much more quickly

Dugin calls upon the Kremlin to take radical steps and harness its tradition-loving Russian nationalists rather than arrest and sideline them ... and restructure the economy to curtail usury, give land to commoners, downsize large cities. But above all, to mobilise society to have the victory in Ukraine, with Dugin seeing it likely that Russia too will fall to anti-tradition globalists, if the Kremlin does not act aggressively enough in the months ahead.


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