Thursday 10 August 2023

Col. Macgregor: Ukraine's WORST NIGHTMARE Has Been Exposed

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"A Sniper's Testimony: The Ukraine Disaster and the Korean Scenario p. 1

"I don't see the slightest chance that we will go back, not only to the borders of 1991, but not even to those of February 24 (2022 - the date of the invasion)."

An experienced Ukrainian sniper, who fights in the Bahmut region, gave an extensive interview to political scientist Yury Romenko, broadcast on Wednesday on his Telegram channel.

The fighter, who wore a mask during the interview and was identified by the fictitious name of Konstantin Proshinski (his real first name is Andrei, and his battle nickname "The Godfather"), made a series of exceptional revelations about the situation at the front, the state of the army Ukrainians and the prospects of war.

The daily newspaper Strana made a summary of the discussion, from which I extracted the information for the material below.

The old and the sick are sent to Hell

In the sniper's opinion, the mobilization is going the wrong way. Totally untrained recruits are sent to the front, often over 50 years old and with a lot of diseases.

In addition, the commanders order these untrained recruits to go into battle on the front lines, without giving them a minimum of a few days' training.

The fighter reported that among the recruits recently sent to Bahmut, the "youngest" was 52 years old.

Among the others, many had diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis or diabetes.

These people were mobilized, spent the night at the police station and the next day were sent to Bahmut.

Many of them, after the first battle experience, in which they saw "hell with their eyes", wrote statements in which they refused to participate in hostilities, without fearing the possible repercussions.

Such a statement has no criminal consequences, given that it is not desertion.

Moreover, the declarant must be transferred to a support company, and the sniper stated that soon such companies "will number in the thousands."


He also referred to the ban on men traveling abroad, saying that "hard mobilization" was not a condition for victory because "we will never win a war with Russia through numerical superiority."

No rotation on the front

The fighter stated that they are "the same brigades" who fight without breaks and that people are not withdrawn from the front for recovery for six months or more.

According to Western norms, they should not be kept at the front for more than three months.

Citing official figures, the fighter asked why, of the one million members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, only 300,000 are fighting at the front.

The ghost of Stalingrad

The sniper claims that many of the older Ukrainian commanders are trying to pull off a "mini-Stalingrad", holding positions at all costs and launching frontal attacks against heavily fortified Russian positions.

He recounts how his unit was sent against the Russians, who had set up positions in high-rise buildings in Bahmut. The sniper and his comrades had to walk seven kilometers in the open field.

Ukrainian soldiers often have to crawl such distances in a few days, armed only with light weapons and a machine gun.

The reason: Poor equipment and bureaucracy make it extremely difficult to assign tanks, armored personnel carriers or assault mortars to a mission.

The sniper says that the bureaucracy is so large that the Ukrainian commandos are called the "Ukrainian Paper Army".

"If a piece of equipment is destroyed, about two hundred reports, in four copies, must be written and sent. Two papers are completed for a dead person."

Moreover, there is an acute shortage of ammunition for light weapons as well.


Russians learn fast

At first, Russian forces used frontal attacks more often and suffered heavy losses, says the sniper.

Now attack in groups of 6-12 people.

"Learn. They have already begun to adapt to our way of fighting. Our way of fighting is quite effective. Or – at least – it was. But now, we're stuck. At the same time, they have more men than us, they have more tanks, artillery, shells, guns and so on."

In addition, the Russians are dispersing their logistics. For example, they use ATVs to supply units with food and ammunition.

“No one wastes their shells on them. They go fast, unload and come back. We saw that it was a great business and we started buying new ATVs as well.”

The sniper also says the Russians have also started using tactics from the Vietnam War. They dig shelters in the forest for two or three people, who hide under the roots of trees.

If the Ukrainian stormtroopers approach, the Russians "get under the roots" and notify their comrades to launch mortar fire.

The Ukrainian troops suffer heavy losses, and the Russians - sheltered under the roots - escape unscathed.

After that they come out of hiding and start mowing down the surviving Ukrainians with a machine gun.

The Russians "have even more drones than we do," the sniper says, including Orlan, which are very effective. “You can't see it, you can't hear it - only at night, by the lights. It performs reconnaissance very well and provides clear guidance.”


The Korean scenario

The "Godfather" claims that the Ukrainian military would accept a freeze in the conflict, according to the precedent of the Korean War: this would involve an armistice and a cease-fire along the front line.

"Victory must derive from the objectives that Putin has set for himself. Was Putin's objective to conquer territories? I do not believe. The goal was to destroy the statehood of Ukraine, to make Ukraine cease to exist."

And the sniper adds:

"But we will not lose Ukraine. Theoretically, we may lose parts of some areas – we have to be prepared for that – but we will not lose our statehood as a country. I don't think the military understands this. I don't think that - in such a perspective - the army would go to Kiev to overthrow the government."

The "Godfather" was very skeptical about the possibility of Ukraine regaining the territories lost so far:

"I don't see the slightest chance that we will go back, not only to the borders of 1991, but not even to those of February 24 (2022 - the date of the invasion)."

The idea of the Korean Scenario for Ukraine is not new: it was evoked, among others, by Zelensky's former advisor, the influential Arestovich."


At 11 August 2023 at 00:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, in Ukraine the sick, the over 50s and those with pre-existing health conditions are thrown into the 'meat grinder' as the Russians call it.

Anecdotal evidence has suggested battle field monsters like Debru the Dutch woman the turn up (pre-arranged) and start removing organs from the dying. A very lucrative business indeed.

The 20th century warfare employed by both sides is highly questionable and should (at this stage) raise many more questions regarding its efficacy and aims. It would appear that there is much more than warfare taking place. Perhaps the goal is to remove 'Ukranian Useless Eaters' from the equation. Crude but effective.

However, here in the UK, we are a bit more subtle with our 'Useless Eaters'. We prefer to change the law in order to make 'organ harvesting' legal unless you 'opt out', and; when no one is looking, we sneak into hospital wards and with a very sharp pen scribble down 3 letters on a piece of paper.

D N R.

The outcomes are the same.

At 11 August 2023 at 00:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Motorhead song to a video from the Somme. A bit of context to the current CON-flict in Ukraine


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