Wednesday 16 August 2023


The Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing site at Haleakala Observatory in Hawaii.

Ted Irwin commented on "Hawaii - Gates, Bezos ..."

'The HQ of all US SPACE FORCE' is situated at Mt Haleakala, East of Lahaina - where the female survivor, still on record, said the 'weather' came from.

She added that it NEVER comes from the east from the mountains.

It's described as ARPA. 

(see DARPA )

Mt Haleakala Squadrons include:

"5th Electromagnetic Warfare
16th Electromagnetic Warfare

18th Space Defense
20th Space Surveillance
2nd Space Launch
5th Space Launch
1st Space Operations
2nd Space Operations
3rd Space Operations
4th Space Operations
10th Space Operations
21st Space Operations
22nd Space Operations
23rd Space Operations
25th Space Range
2nd Space Warning
6th Space Warning
7th Space Warning
10th Space Warning
11th Space Warning
12th Space Warning
13th Space Warning

1st Test and Evaluation
3rd Test and Evaluation
17th Test and Evaluation

533rd Training


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