Monday 14 August 2023

Hawaii - Gates, Bezos ...

 Anonymous said...

Matt Wallace on Twitter X:

"Locals in Maui Were Refusing To Sell Their Land
 To The Elites

The Part of The Island Mainly Destroyed 
By The Fires Was Prime Area 
Right Next To Lavish Mega-Mansions

Now, A Lot of Those Locals Are Forced 
To Sell Their Land 
and Many Tragically Died in The Flames
Oprah Winfrey Has A Luxury Mansion in Maui; It’s Completely Fine

Jeff Bezos Has A Luxury Mansion in Maui; It’s Completely Fine

Lady Gaga Has A Luxury Mansion in Maui; It’s Completely Fine

Bill Gates Has A Luxury Mansion in Maui; It’s Completely Fine

Morgan Freeman Has A Luxury Mansion in Maui; It’s Completely Fine

Will Smith Has A Luxury Mansion in Maui; It’s Completely Fine

Julia Roberts Has A Luxury Mansion in Maui; It’s Completely Fine




"Current Maui Police Chief John Pelletier was the incident commander during the Las Vegas massacre in 2017 ... Stephen Paddock at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas ... the worst mass shooting in American history. An incident commander is the top decision maker during a major incident."

"The same man is in charge during 2 of the most devastating disasters imaginable ...

Anonymous said...

Maui fire 2023 & Las Vegas massacre 2017
same police chief
John Pelletier
had also attended 'FBI National Academy' (spook training)

screenshot of his Linked In, naming all 3


At 15 August 2023 at 04:16 , Anonymous Margi Bingley said...

CO2 went DOWN during the fires when all bushfires generate carbon particulate matter & CO2 - tonnes of it. Simple science. Screen shot taken from Mauna Loa monitoring station on FB. IF Laser was used that would vaporise the carbon. Lasers used in beauty clinics remove brown spots & burst blood vessels. The boats filmed are all alight simultaneously in the sea. A perfect circle of fire surrounds Lahaina not easy to escape from.

At 15 August 2023 at 10:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incident commander would be 1 out of ~330,000,000 Americans but somewhat less since presumably an Incident Commander would be selected from ~100,000,000 American adults qualified as The Incident Commander to angrily shame and blame the disaster's victims. So the chance he would be the same Incident Commander at both events is a mathematical product of the 2 probabilities OR 1/100,000,000 × 1/100,000,000 = 1 out of 10,000,000,000,000,000.
However the YouTube video allows us all to see how John Pelletier's obviously immense talent AND FBI Academy Training overcame those astronomical one out of ten-quadrillion odds.

At 15 August 2023 at 13:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its as if people just cant think things thru to logical CONCLUSION. Would military really burn down Lahaina so more celebs can move in??? wtf. this is a BIG operation, w/ Big Big Agenda, like China Belt & Road and NWO. How is HQ of all US SPACE FORCE just over the hilltop in MAUI and no one fingers them as suspects?

At 16 August 2023 at 18:41 , Anonymous Ted Irwin said...

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At 17 August 2023 at 21:45 , Blogger Anon said...

At 16 August 2023 at 18:41 , Anonymous Ted Irwin said...
Re: 'HQ of all US SPACE FORCE' is situated Mt Haleakala, East of Lahaina - where the female survivor, still on record, said the 'weather' came from. She added that it NEVER comes from the east from the mountains. It's described as ARPA. (see DARPA ) Mt Haleakala Squadrons include: "5th Electromagnetic Warfare16th Electromagnetic Warfare18th Space Defense20th Space Surveillance2nd Space Launch5th Space Launch1st Space Operations2nd Space Operations3rd Space Operations4th Space Operations10th Space Operations21st Space Operations22nd Space Operations23rd Space Operations25th Space Range2nd Space Warning6th Space Warning7th Space Warning10th Space Warning11th Space Warning12th Space Warning13th Space Warning1st Test and Evaluation3rd Test and Evaluation17th Test and Evaluation533rd Training328th WeaponsNSSI"


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