Sunday 9 July 2023

Ted Gunderson - FBI chief in Los Angeles...

This is Ted Gunderson, former FBI Chief 1979. 

 Some of his FBI case work included the Death of Marilyn Monroe and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy.[2] 


At 10 July 2023 at 04:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

French riots and 2022 film 'Athena'

Two well-known financial bloggers, Alex Krainer in Monaco and Tom Luongo in Florida, agree that

"The current explosion of violence in France bears all the hallmarks of a British-led color revolution"

One item these writers cite, is the 'coincidence', that the 2022 French-language Netflix film 'Athena' ... was arguably 'predictive programming' of the current riots and civil unrest. The film 'Athena' is also about a tragic death leading to riots and chaos amidst ethnic tensions in France.

'Athena' 2022 film poster, showing fiery civil disturbance and an arsonist, a picture exactly as we have been seeing on the streets of France

Life imitates fiction - film clip from 'Athena', street violence scene 3m20

It seems possible for those with the power to manipulate media platforms, to inflame tensions leading to violence ... was this done intentionally in France?

Although France's President Macron, formerly a Rothschild banker, has his own international elite connections, the above writers believe we are seeing factional fighting amongst the elites.

Macron has been 'going his own way' ... continuing to be in dialogue with Putin ...demurring from stoking tensions with China ... talking about being independent of the US and UK ... asking to be a part of the BRICS international 'alternative' to the West ... so maybe Macron's France is now targeted?

France, like Russia and the USA, is one of the few truly 'independent' countries with near self-sufficiency in all 3 of:
- energy resources
- food production
- industry

Germany used to export electricity, but now with its nuclear plants closed, Germany buys electricity from nuclear-rich France. France is poised to be Europe's strongest country. So maybe now it needs to be knocked down a bit?

With strong censorship in France now, violence is reportedly muted but still continuing ... and, given that more have been killed and injured, there is concern violence in France may perhaps re-ignite for the traditional July 14th, 'Bastille Day'

Amidst the riots in recent days, Elon Musk began limiting Twitter viewing, even by registered users ... did he suspect or know what was afoot, and use his Twitter power to try to reduce tensions?


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