Thursday 27 July 2023

Greenmantle Ale , Fell Race

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Unknown said...

There used to be an amazing Fell Race from Traquair House to Broughton called 'the Two Breweries': sponsored by Greenmantle Ale, it was memorable for the organiser advising runners 'not to drop down into Glen Sax, as you may get shot by stalkers!' 

The race had what is proverbially known as a 'sting in the tail' - the steepness of Trahenna Hill is sufficient to make tired legs cramp up! 

But at the finish, organisers included a plate of reviving chilli con carne and a few pints of Greenmantle prior to prizegiving. 

Many made a weekend of it, camping at Broughton on Friday and Saturday nights and utilising a race bus to get them round to the start on Saturday morning.

Hope the race still exists - it was a classic.


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