Saturday 3 June 2023

4Chan - Ruling Class

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From 4chan:

The Ruling Class is Terrified

2020 was a test year

They were testing how many are compliant; how many will comply with ridiculous and insane demands if their jobs, relationships with family, homes, businesses, and quality of life are threatened

They found that 20% of the population will refuse to go along with the insane, illogical, tyrannical demands of the ruling class no matter what

This is many times higher than they expected and now they are second guessing their plans for Agenda 2030

They are terrified


At 4 June 2023 at 05:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's doubtful TPTB Committee of 300, Royal Institute for International Affairs, 'Venetian' Black Nobility etc are terrified. I've seen one entrance to one of many underground bunkers or inner earth with artificial photosynthesis, filtered air etc. They have told me they will use super soldiers to guard the entrance & the 'event' will be pure physics which will mean they only have to be underground/ in the mountain retreats for 2 months. Prior to that they thought they would be underground for 2 years. I got an invitation - said they will have 2 weeks notice. Surely they love topside but if push comes to shove we will go and they will survive (if they don't kill each other). I said thanks but no thanks to my place in their buner.

At 4 June 2023 at 06:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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