Thursday 4 May 2023



'There is little doubt who is in possession of the widest smiles: the Liberal Democrats.

“We will exceed the expectations of all the pollsters; this is a great night for us,” a senior source told me.

'The Conservatives are having a miserable night, without question.

'Labour are making steps forward, but not colossal leaps.'



At 5 May 2023 at 00:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There is little doubt who is in possession of the widest smiles: the Liberal Democrats"

I disagree entirely with the above sentiments. Are we still pretending we have a functioning democracy????

Whether you vote for Asshole A or Asshole B or in the case of the Liberal Democrats, Asshole C you get WEF, ULEZ, 15 minute cities, fake climate change and woke-transism.

Of course, the shaved chimpanzees that pretend to be human will have forgotten already what the political whores done to the country, our collective freedom, the elderly and the kids under the guise of Convid.

Yup, the terminally stupid will once again vote for more of the same. For the record, the reason voters are required to put an 'X' in the box to cast their vote, it was decided that the terminally stupid were indeed too stupid to sign their name. Probably because 'back in the day', illiteracy would have been reasonably high - nothing changed there it would appear.

Let the Bread and Circuses continue once again. The brain dead masses really are too stupid and quite frankly deserve Asshole A, B or C.

The present day Councils (local elections) were - not that long ago -called Corporations. There is a reason for that. They are private companies (pretending to be) Local Authorities. Another con trick played on the gullible. A vote is not to elect a Councillor as the Corporation would have you believe. Rather, it is to elect a board of directors to run their company.

Democracy is dead and has never been anything other than an illusion and a con trick to divide and rule.

Never mind though, we can collectively look forward to the Coronation of our much beloved king. I'm sure the late Jimmy Saville will be so proud that his old best mate is now ruling over his grateful subjects.

Welcome to the reign of the Antichrist.

At 5 May 2023 at 04:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

‘Stop playing the game’

“[You] never get what you want when you vote. The debate is elsewhere. You are just required to endorse it by voting for it. Your vote, in the modern age, gives legitimacy to the powerful. 

“They will spend a lot of money to get that vote, but it is a false bargain. They do not really care what you want, but they have got a lot better at pretending that they do.

“[It] has been obvious for years that we should stop playing this game. The greatest power we have is to refuse to vote for people who insult us …

“Begone, all of you, and let us have done with you.”


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