Monday 29 May 2023

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Shocking claims in Russian and Belarus media, that:

Under Ukraine's previous President Petro Poroshenko, in office 2014-2019, Putin was peacefully OFFERED acquisition of the separatist Donbass provinces, where many tens of thousands of people have been dying

But Putin REJECTED this, because it wasn't what most of Putin's oligarch friends wanted ... they preferred ongoing chaos & conflict & profit opportunities with the Western monies pouring in

It was only after Putin's oligarch friends in Ukraine began to be arrested by Zelensky, that Putin moved to invade

This account is reported as an aside by Putin's close oligarch friend, Ukrainian Viktor Medvedchuk, arrested under Zelensky in May 2021, and then traded to Russia in a Sep. 2022 prisoner swap, and now speaking to Russia and Belarus media

Apparently Poroshenko - still in Ukraine today and blocked from leaving, accused sometimes of 'treason' there by other Ukrainians - Poroshenko had some humanity, and tried to stop the violence and prevent war with a simple solution, letting Ukraine's rebel 'Russians' join Russia

Photo with both Medvedchuk (left) and Poroshenko

article by Slavskiy on this

Slavskiy paints a very gloomy and sad picture for both Russians and Ukrainians, sd both suffering under oligarch mafias who do not care about them, with even Russian oligarchs still having Western links ... leading to the 'slow' nature of the grinding, murderous war.

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