Thursday 4 May 2023

The Manipur Crisis | Why Manipur is burning


'Members of the Meitei community, who account for at least 50% of the state's population, have been demanding inclusion under the Scheduled Tribe category for years.

'India reserves government jobs, college admissions and elected seats - from village councils to the parliament - for communities under this category to rectify historical wrongs that have denied them equal opportunities.

'Last month, the Manipur High Court asked the state government to consider petitions for the Meitei community's demand and decide on it "expeditiously".

'Other tribal communities in the state fear they will have to fight for jobs and resources if the Meiteis are given Scheduled Tribe status.

'On Tuesday, thousands of tribal people from the hill districts of the state participated in a march called by the All Tribal Students Union of Manipur to oppose the demand.

'According to the Indian Express, on Wednesday afternoon, the rally in Churachandpur district turned violent after demonstrators clashed with a group of people.'


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