Wednesday 17 May 2023


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A unique high-technology story told by longer-term visitors to Japan

Apparently, Japan some time ago decided to address its declining birthrate, by investing massive trillions in high-tech infrastructure and robotics, and they are quietly building a unique, quite futuristic society that does not need so many workers to run it. They are making the cartoon 'Jetsons' a reality.

Japan keeps quiet about it because they know there is trouble openly rejecting the Western 'we need immigrants to replace ourselves' narrative, which Japanese feel is a mistake at large scale.

Japan feels it is gambling successfully to maintain a homogenous, high-trust society, by making a country in which many things will be done by robots as well as AI, and this is already underway. 

In Europe or the USA, Amazon warehouse & shipping centres use lots of people, supervised by surveillance - in Japan the equivalent is much more robots, already at work.

The visitor to Japan will at first notice more by way of clever gadgets, but there is much more behind the scenes. Japanese are also quietly investing in a high-tech military which can keep Japan safe from a poorer world in conflict around it.

It is puzzling to Japanese, that the USA, Anglo countries and Europe, are squandering the wealth they have had, instead of trying to build a high-tech future. Tho very few societies could afford to do what Japan is doing now - maybe only South Korea will follow the same path.

Japan has been using about 3 million in foreign labour, mostly temporary, and mostly other Asians - Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Indonesians, Filipinos, Thais, Nepalese - whom Japan feels adapt better to work in Japan, and Japan is slowly making allowance for some to stay permanently. But Japanese feel that migration not only leads easily to conflict, it doesn't address the core problem, of how to live well without so much labour.

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