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Ukraine's Jewish President Zelensky arrests Christian Metropolitan (archbishop) Pavel of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Photo of Ukrainian police humiliating the archbishop and putting a monitoring device on Metropolitan Pavel's ankle

Al Jazeera:

"A court in Ukraine’s capital has sentenced a top religious leader to house arrest, according to his church, amid hearings into whether he glorified invading Russian forces and stoked religious divisions.

In a statement on Saturday, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) said the Kyiv court also ordered Metropolitan Pavel to wear an electronic bracelet."


At 2 April 2023 at 10:23 , Anonymous Gitter Done said...

Please use the old version when spelling Kiev. The new version represents / symbolizes the kabalist satanic takeover. Using a favorite Pythagorean cipher ...

Kiev (old version)
2+9+5+4 = 20 = 2
(not that important in their numerology / gematria beliefs)

Kyiv (new kabalist version)
2+7+9+4 = 22
* 22 letters hebrew alphabet
* 22 paths in kabala

Always remember Kiev now holds the largest synagogue in the world.


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