Friday 7 April 2023


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Trump’s bid for re-election ‘is being derailed to prevent him from brokering a peace deal with Russia’

“… [Donald Trump’s opponents] regard him as the greatest threat … because [he] prioritizes reaching a New Détente with Russia … It was [this] that he campaigned on in 2016 … [There’s] a reasonable logic to de-escalating tensions with Russia in Europe so as to more effectively contain China in the Asia-Pacific.

“[Trump] wanted to compel Kiev into implementing the Minsk Accords but ultimately failed because influential figures in [the US deep state] were opposed … Due to a combination of ideological and strategic reasons, they believed that the US should prioritize containing Russia over China …

“… Trump recently doubled down on his [approach] by proclaiming that he’d broker peace with [Moscow] and Kiev through a deal that he hinted would recognize the ground realities by legitimizing Moscow’s control over former Ukrainian territory. While the felony charges against him were already being pursued behind the scenes before this, there’s no doubt that his policy reaffirmation gave his opponents an urgent impetus to derail his re-election bid …”


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