Tuesday 4 April 2023


Tony Gosling -

No planes on 911...
McCann's kidnapped their own daughter....
No bomb at Manchester......

Don't you see a pattern?

Is this Richard D Hall case a 'straw man' op. Used to restrict genuine free speech?

Yes, crisis actors have been used, at the Boston marathon bombing for example. 

But to push the idea on flaky evidence at Manchester was evil, so horrifying for families who lost loved ones...

Jack Jeffrey

There is a bit of discussion of this in the first few minutes of today's UK Column https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/uk-column-news-3rd-april-2023

I suspect it was a cunning snare with which to capture Richard D Hall; I reckon it was half staged and half real, inasmuch as there were a few genuine casualties from an explosion.

 Please see this from 1:08:35 and especially for a minute or two from 1:16:15 https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/uk-column-news-3rd-march-2023 -- 

- the Manchester bombing is *yet* another example of there having been a staged simulation of an identical scenario, and it's at precisely the location of the crime itself, a year beforehand. 

Also, Hall never claimed that the McCanns kidnapped their own child -- rather, he tentatively entertains the idea that she fell from a balcony due to their negligence. 

But there is more, he shows us, to investigate in the whole area of Robert Murat (Gerry McCann publicly said 'I do not wish to answer that question' when asked whether or not he knew Murat - but he is known to have been at his house during the trip in which Maddie vanished).


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