Friday 7 April 2023



Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas ‘attended Bohemian Grove’

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “reportedly attended [Bohemian Grove] with billionaire friend and Republican donor Harlan Crow … Thomas accepted luxury trips from Crow for years without disclosing them …”

"Bohemian Grove’s membership “[also includes] Henry Kissinger … [and] Charles Schwab

Today, there are roughly 2,600 active members …”


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Keir Starmer ‘exploits child abuse issue for political points’

“Starmer’s Labour tweeted its latest campaign tactic – showing a picture of Tory PM Rishi Sunak next to a claim that Labour will be tougher on paedophiles that Sunak’s government.

“[This] is not only disgusting, but also hypocritical: Keir Starmer was Director of Public Prosecutions when his department decided not to prosecute notorious serial rapist and abuser Jimmy Savile – and Starmer even went on to say that he thought this had been the right decision …

“The reaction to Labour’s vile tactic was immediate and huge … with well over 4,000 disgusted responses at the time of writing …”


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