Saturday 18 March 2023


Unknown commented on "UK Column News 17 March"

‘The EU is indifferent to Macron’s legislative coup - they see him as one of their own’

“As Charles de Courson, a longtime independent parliamentarian, explained, Macron’s supporters ‘are not just a minority in the National Assembly, they are a minority in the whole country’.

“Yet while French citizens may have been outraged by Macron’s legislative coup, his pals in the European Union have barely raised an eyebrow … Eurocrats see Macron … as one of their own. Perhaps more than any other EU leader, Macron personifies the technocratic project of the EU, and its attempt to depoliticise public life.

“The EU’s indifference to Macron’s legislative coup exposes its hypocrisy over the rule of law and democracy. Over the past two decades, Brussels has … constantly charged other EU member states of violating the rule of law and democracy when their governments do things Brussels does not approve of.

“Yet when Macron overrides all democratic conventions to impose his government’s will on the French populace, it says nothing. Can you imagine its response if, say, the governments of Hungary or Poland had resorted to their equivalent of Article 49.3 to push through a similarly unpopular legislative programme? Brussels would have denounced them as authoritarian violators of democracy and no doubt the rule of law, too.

“… Macron himself is a consummate practitioner of this hypocrisy. In a speech in January last year, he referenced Hungary and Poland and said that Europe was becoming aware that ‘democracy and the rule of law can be made fragile’. He warned that the ‘end of the rule of law is the beginning of authoritarianism’.

“Given the events in Paris this week, it seems the suspension of legal democratic conventions is the ‘beginning of authoritarianism’ only in places like Poland and Hungary. The double standards here are shocking …

“Macron’s use of the ‘nuclear legislative option’ has at least provided … another important lesson about the EU elites’ indifference to democracy. It is now up to the people of France to challenge and strike out against Macron’s authoritarian behaviour.”


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