Friday 17 March 2023

UK Column News 17 March

UK Column News - 17th March 2023


At 17 March 2023 at 11:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Labour’s polling lead has HALVED since October

“Labour’s polling lead over the Tories has fallen by more than half since late October last year. At that point Labour’s lead … was 37% …

“Now … the average lead has dropped by more than half … to 17.4% …

“The by-election in [Hartlepool], where Starmer campaigned heavily, was one of the first to show that the more voters saw of him, the worse Labour did …”

At 17 March 2023 at 21:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr Michael Mosley: Could a jab of young blood age-proof your brain?

“Although it is controversial, there is mounting evidence of the benefits that come from being infused with blood from young people …

“The idea that blood has magical properties is hardly new. In Roman times the sick, particularly those with epilepsy, were encouraged to go to gladiatorial combats to try and drink the blood of a freshly killed gladiator.

“And there is, of course, the legend of Count Dracula, who feeds on human blood and transforms himself from a little old man with white hair into a dark-haired super athlete. Surprisingly enough, there does seem to be some science in this.

“Studies with mice have shown that if you infuse an old mouse with blood taken from a young mouse, this makes their bodies stronger and their brains younger ... Transfuse blood from an old mouse into a young mouse and they become weaker and show signs of early memory loss.

“Tech billionaires in the U.S. have leapt on these findings and have been funding research into what it is about young blood that's producing these changes. And, understandably, that worries a lot of people.

“… I saw a TV drama called Blood Boy which imagines a future where billionaires keep handsome young men - 'transfusion associates' - on hand for regular infusions of anti-ageing blood …

“… I also saw some of the potential benefits of transfusions of young blood … when I met Terri, a 63-year-old Californian with Parkinson's disease. A few years ago she took part in a trial … where Parkinson's patients had twice weekly transfusions of plasma … donated by [volunteers under 30 years old].
It was only a small study … but even so it led to improvements in speech and a boost in mental health …

“Other studies are now looking at whether transfusing young plasma can help with other common brain diseases, such as dementia. The preferred donors in these trials are often men under 30, because their stem cells … are more potent …

“Giving regular transfusions of young blood to older people is clearly not going to be practical, let alone ethical. So the search is on to identify and replicate the beneficial components without needing to use actual blood …”

At 17 March 2023 at 21:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pfizer had ‘evidence’ suggesting ‘increased risk of Myocarditis’ following Covid-19 vaccinations in early 2022

— “There is evidence that suggests patients who receive a Covid-19 vaccine are at an increased risk of myocarditis.”

— “Onset was typically within several days after mRNA Covid-19 vaccination (from Pfizer or Moderna), and cases have occurred more often after the second dose than the first dose” [PAGE 19]

“Project Veritas published confidential Pfizer documents today showing that the company was aware of the potential risk of myocarditis for individuals who received doses of their Covid-19 vaccine.”

To read all of the internal documents/communications, visit:



At 17 March 2023 at 22:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

‘The EU is indifferent to Macron’s legislative coup - they see him as one of their own’

“As Charles de Courson, a longtime independent parliamentarian, explained, Macron’s supporters ‘are not just a minority in the National Assembly, they are a minority in the whole country’.

“Yet while French citizens may have been outraged by Macron’s legislative coup, his pals in the European Union have barely raised an eyebrow … Eurocrats see Macron … as one of their own. Perhaps more than any other EU leader, Macron personifies the technocratic project of the EU, and its attempt to depoliticise public life.

“The EU’s indifference to Macron’s legislative coup exposes its hypocrisy over the rule of law and democracy. Over the past two decades, Brussels has … constantly charged other EU member states of violating the rule of law and democracy when their governments do things Brussels does not approve of.

“Yet when Macron overrides all democratic conventions to impose his government’s will on the French populace, it says nothing. Can you imagine its response if, say, the governments of Hungary or Poland had resorted to their equivalent of Article 49.3 to push through a similarly unpopular legislative programme? Brussels would have denounced them as authoritarian violators of democracy and no doubt the rule of law, too.

“… Macron himself is a consummate practitioner of this hypocrisy. In a speech in January last year, he referenced Hungary and Poland and said that Europe was becoming aware that ‘democracy and the rule of law can be made fragile’. He warned that the ‘end of the rule of law is the beginning of authoritarianism’.

“Given the events in Paris this week, it seems the suspension of legal democratic conventions is the ‘beginning of authoritarianism’ only in places like Poland and Hungary. The double standards here are shocking …

“Macron’s use of the ‘nuclear legislative option’ has at least provided … another important lesson about the EU elites’ indifference to democracy. It is now up to the people of France to challenge and strike out against Macron’s authoritarian behaviour.”

At 17 March 2023 at 22:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Night of rage and fire in France as Macron cuts pensions without a vote

France erupts – in pictures

At 18 March 2023 at 01:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or we could just drink it (adrenochrome style) and be done with it.


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