Wednesday 8 March 2023


The release of a trove of private WhatsApp messages - the so-called 'Lockdown Files' - has shone a badly needed spotlight on the Government's mishandling of Covid.

'Covid restrictions have left Britain with a £400 billion bill and the highest tax burden since the war.

'What the Lockdown Files show most vividly is that anyone who dared to question the long, hard restrictions favoured by Hancock and other officials found themselves vilified.'


comment - Mimi-Motown

This was all planned from the beginning to control us


'The education of millions has been ruined, social care remains mired in neglect and mental health problems have worsened significantly...

'Faith was placed in experts who, in the past two decades, wrongly predicted 136,000 UK deaths from new variant CJD contracted by eating meat infected with BSE (or mad cow disease); 65,000 deaths from swine flu; and 700,000 deaths from bird flu...

'As a consequence, it was the children who suffered, the frail and the elderly who were abandoned, and the most disadvantaged who were harmed. The next time a pandemic strikes, our leaders cannot make the same mistakes.'


At 8 March 2023 at 05:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

>> ‘The next time a pandemic strikes, our leaders cannot make the same mistakes.’

Oh but they can and they plan to.

While the scenario and the details of the ‘missteps’ next time around may differ somewhat from ‘19’ — reflecting the modified objectives du jour — be sure that all involved will be busy ‘mistaking’ from the get-go when the time comes!

Think of a well-executed disaster movie: ‘Uncontrolled mayhem’ depicted as vehicles colliding, bridges collapsing, towers toppling, bloodied bodies and manifold explosions.

Now appreciate all the writers, producers, directors, financiers, studios, film distributors, set and costume designers, stunt coordinators, wardrobe consultants, graphic designers, special effects creators, scientific advisors, expert consultants, stuntmen, sound engineers, cinematographers, performers, extras, test audiences, medical supervisors, doctors, paramedics, and so many others, who beavered away for weeks, months & years in their writing studies, in boardrooms, meetings, rehearsals, editing studios and pre-release viewings, to perfect such scenes of ‘random mayhem’ before releasing the finished product to market.

Ensuring that each and every ‘misstep’ and incident unfolds correctly and in sequence, while appearing to be random and unscripted, in order that the visual and aural appearance of ‘real and spontaneous’ is maintained for the duration of the finished artefact.

No mistakes = no drama = no diverted audiences = no movie = no money.

At 8 March 2023 at 05:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and no sales of ‘merch’. Audiences psychologically prepped to want — essentially, demand — a tie-in video game, t-shirt, tattoo… or injection.

At 8 March 2023 at 06:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...,_Baron_Oakeshott_of_Seagrove_Bay

Expose from the lockdown files expected for circa 3 months. They are being released in chronological order.

A spotlight on Oakshit reveals one or two interesting things.

At 8 March 2023 at 07:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...



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