Tuesday 7 March 2023



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West created 'Nazi paradise' in Ukraine to fight Russians - Dugin


“The West has fostered the creeping ‘nazification’ of Ukraine in order to make its people hostile to Russia, [according to] political philosopher and author Aleksandr Dugin …

“[He said] Kiev's backers have tried to hide from their own citizens the growing tolerance of nationalists and neo-Nazis in the country …

“‘The West thinks in such a manner: We could not create artificial nationalism in Ukraine and push Ukrainians to fight Russians [any other way]. For a traditional society, liberal values cannot be the goal to defend. So they need something [else]. 

"The most radical [tool] to create and promote this artificial pseudo-consciousness is nationalism ... or Ukrainian Russophobic fascism. And it is being used by the [globalist] liberals. They destroy any kind of nationalism on their [own] territories. But in Ukraine, on the other hand, they make it flourish. In the end, a Nazi paradise has been created in Ukraine’ …

“Ukraine's Azov Battalion is among the units that welcomes fighters with openly nationalist and neo-Nazi views …

“Last year, Dugin's daughter, journalist Darya Dugina, was killed by a bomb planted under the car she was driving … [The] New York Times later reported that US intelligence officials believe that the Ukrainian authorities had authorized the attack.”



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