Tuesday 7 March 2023


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‘Kate does the equivalent of 12 days’ work annually’

“Press coverage [gives] the impression that the royals are busy, heading off around the country day in, day out to visit schools, community centres and foodbanks … [The] truth is quite different. 

"Kate, for example, did just ninety engagements in 2022, which if done back-to-back would account for twelve days work. The others do a bit more, but it still adds up to a few days a month, a few months of the year.

“We are also routinely told of their concern for the environment … Excuses are made for the non-political princes wading into the politically charged issue of climate change, with the press insisting that there is no disagreement about the need to tackle the issue …

“Charles and William are as bad as any billionaire – such as the despots of the Middle East, with whom the royals are close friends – with their penchant for helicopter travel and huge homes. They lecture us on the need to reduce carbon emissions while doing nothing to change their own lifestyles …

“[The] alternative is …. a parliamentary republic in which our head of state is directly elected. They would not be head of the government, that role would remain with the prime minister … As an elected president they would be chosen by us, from among the citizens of this country. It’s a system that works well in Ireland, Germany, Iceland, Finland and elsewhere …”



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