Saturday 25 March 2023

Eating insects, Healthy Hindus, Corrupt Police, WaffleStaffel

Peter Loeters, his wife Maartje and their two young children stand forlornly outside the family's small farmhouse. They are the latest victims of new government net-zero initiatives.

Britain's Hindus have the best health (garlic, ginger etc), Sikh households are more likely to own their own home, and Christians are least likely to have a degree, new census data shows.

Rapist cop David Carrick smiles next to children at Downing Street

Manning the black gates at Downing Street, Carrick appears to be a good-natured police officer happy to pose with children visiting the London landmark. They were taken in June 2016 when the depraved predator was at the height of his reign of terror while serving in an elite VIP protection unit. 

WaffleStaffel has left a new comment on 'THE UIGHURS':

 Alex from Xinxiang is worth a look, he has plenty of videos touring this gorgeous region and interacting with these well integrated and happy people in whose name the ZOG is attempting to wage war. 

Jason Lightfoot, a Brit Living in China, is just ruthlessly mocking America at this point, but I can't blame him. Great Venn diagram, BTW.

I'm glad to see you and the Catholic school girl collective are still going. I miss starting my day by working my way through your choice blogroll. I suppose if these folks hadn't grown weary, they would've eventually been shut down anyway. My, the interweb was a different place just ten years ago.


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Interesting comments from WaffleStaffel. Thanks for the info.


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