Wednesday 8 March 2023



'Reports are now buzzing around on social media that Joris Demmink will be exposed by the Turkish secret service. 

'This is completely in line with the prediction that Erdogan will soon point out the global deepstate as the dark Satanic group behind international child abuse networks. 

'And this is again fully planned, because the global population needs to be angered so that a new power bloc will be embraced as the savior.

'Does this mean that there is an assumption here that the child abuse networks do not exist and that it is all deliberately whipped up? 

'Those who have followed me for more than a decade know that I have been deeply committed to making this dark world visible.'


At 8 March 2023 at 14:59 , Blogger Kevvingtons said...

I am informed by you, Anon. You give facts, and links to verify, you deftly tip toe through the censoring overseers. You shine light in dark corners, I like that, and try to do similar. -kevvingtons


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