Wednesday 15 March 2023


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Eight things you need to know about the BBC

1. Origins as a bulwark against ‘subversion’
2. It failed its first test of independence
3. In bed with MI5 **
4. Soft (and not so soft) power
5. Pillars of a Tory Establishment
6. Pro-business bias
7. The BBC’s impartiality is not so impartial
8. A state broadcaster

** “For some sixty years, MI5 vetted BBC staff … Based in the ‘Special Duties Office’ at the Corporation, senior BBC staff worked in secrecy with the security services … Vetting was finally revealed by investigative journalists in the 1980s and officially ended only in the 1990s …”

It would be wise to assume that while Intelligence vetting for BBC staff ‘officially’ ended in the 1990s, *unofficially* it almost certainly continues up to the present for individuals in key positions. (It seems equally likely that certain key employees of other major U.K. media organisations are also subject to Intelligence vetted.)


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