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Headmistress, seven-year-old daughter & husband found dead on school grounds

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EPSOM COLLEGE DEATHS: Who was the principal’s husband, George Pattison?

As well as being a Chartered Accountant, and the principal of a management consultancy firm called Tanglewood 2016, George Pattison apparently had a longstanding career (and presumably personal) interest in WINE.

Also, George Pattison had apparently just started or got a new job (according to his wife’s last known social media post). The details of this “new job” have apparently not yet surfaced in the media.

His company history:

- Tanglewood 2016 Ltd.

George E. Pattison became a non-executive director of Tanglewood 2016 Ltd. on October 26, 2016 and was continuing there at his time of death (although his wife wrote on social media in December that he had just “got a new job”). 

There were no other non-executive directors behind Tanglewood 2016 Ltd. Tanglewood 2016 Ltd. categorized its business in its registration with U.K. Companies House as “Management consultancy activities”. George Pattison was apparently this management consultancy firm’s principal/owner.

(In his wife Emma Pattison’s last post, in December, she wrote:

“I’ve got a new job, MY HUSBAND HAS GOT A NEW JOB, ***THAT WASN’T MEANT TO HAPPEN BUT IT DID*** and my daughter has started a new school so there’s been a lot of change for us as a family.” [emphasis added]

Was George Pattison’s apparently starting a new job “that wasn’t meant to happen” somehow connected to the deaths of himself, his wife, and their young daughter ?)

- Rees Charles Capital Ltd.
George Pattison became a non-executive director of Rees Charles Capital Ltd. on November 27 2012 alongside an apparent Australian citizen, Andrew Rees Jones (“a former financial broker and trader”).

Andrew Rees Jones became a non-executive director of this company on the same date as George Pattison.

The company was dissolved on August 2, 2016.

Rees Charles Capital Ltd. categorized its business in its registration with U.K. Companies House as “Wholesale of wine, beer, spirits and other alcoholic beverages.”

It appears that GEORGE PATTISON and ANDREW REES JONES previously were co-principals of a company called “Castle Street Vintners”, a specialist importer of German fine wines produced by an award-winning winemaker based in Germany’s Baden region, named Fritz Wassmer.

In marketing literature for Castle Street Vintners, George Pattison was described (or more likely described himself) as:

“George Pattison, a career accountant desperate to find something better to do with his days.”

Fritz Wassmer

Twitter to charge businesses $1K per month to keep gold verification: report

‘No weapon sales to Israel’: How a Lockheed Martin ‘tweet’ resulted in a loss of billions of dollars to US defence giant

“Lockheed Martin, the manufacturer of the F-35 fighter jet, has suffered billions of dollars in losses due to a tweet …

“… A fake profile claimed that the corporation would stop selling the weapons to nations like Saudi Arabia, the United States and Israel …

“An account with the username @LockheedMartini, tweeted, ‘We will begin halting all weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States until further investigation into their record of human rights abuses’ …

“The American company’s share price dropped by about 5.5%, and its capitalization dropped by more than $7 billion …

“Eli Lilly, a leading pharmaceutical company, probably experienced the most severe effects of the Twitter Blue mayhem. ‘Insulin would be free now,’ tweeted an imposter Eli Lilly account.

“According to several market estimates, the pharma behemoth has lost billions of dollars in market capitalization due to impersonation on Twitter …

“Meanwhile, on November 13, Israel Defense Forces announced that Lockheed Martin had delivered three more F-35 stealth fighter aircraft …

“Israel deployed Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jets in the Gaza bombing in 2014 and 2021, which damaged populous areas and resulted in hundreds of casualties.” 


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“Don’t taze me bro!”; How the media meme’d its way out of reporting on politicians’ memberships in secret societies


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