Tuesday 28 February 2023

WHO power over states / 15 Minute cities / Brexit Blair

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Republicans race to stop Biden from giving the World Health Organisation power over member states when it declares a pandemic

“Republican senators are pushing back against an accord that would give the World Health Organisation (WHO) power over member states if it declares a pandemic.

“The accord, which is legally binding on all member states, will be finalized in Switzerland this week.

“The accord will give the WHO power to declare pandemics and require member states to give the WHO the ‘central role’ as ‘the directing and coordinating authority on international health work’ in areas like medical supply chains, treatments and lockdowns.

“[The] WHO also wants more power over surveillance and controlling ‘disinformation and fake news’ when a pandemic is declared.

“17 senators, led by Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson, have introduced the ‘No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act’. The bill states that the accord should be called a treaty. As a treaty, it would require approval by two-thirds of the Senate …

“However, some legal experts believe the legislation will not stop President Joe Biden from signing the accord as the accord was drafted to bypass Senate approval …”



Why are people afraid of ‘15-minute cities'?

“More than 2,000 protesters went out into the streets of Oxford, England earlier this month to express their hostility to the controversial concept …

“[Scepticism] about 15-minute cities stems from … humanity's experience with the Covid pandemic …

“What started off as ‘15 days of lockdowns to flatten the curve’ … turned into what many feel was a marathon in prison living …

“[Sceptics] see 15-minute cities as a continuation of the [Great Reset], a part of the unsettling formula of 'You'll own nothing and you'll be happy’ …

“Even if a self-contained neighborhood is ultimately able to maintain stable access to all the wants and needs of its residents, opponents of the idea have gone so far as to compare it to a gulag …

“‘The idea that neighborhoods should be walkable is lovely,’ Dr. Jordan Peterson [wrote]. ‘The idea that [bureaucrats] can decide by fiat where you're allowed to drive is perhaps the worst imaginable perversion of that idea’ …”



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A Tony Blair lackey is celebrating Rishi Sunak’s new proposed legal agreement (‘The Windsor Framework’j with the European Union.

“Sunak deserves credit for showing pragmatism,” crows Anton Spisak of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, an NGO with an Orwellian moniker that speaks to Blair’s sickening vanity and his anti-democratic globalist agenda.

If Blair is cock-a-hoop, it may be assumed that the interests of democratic national sovereignty have been undermined.



At 28 February 2023 at 00:40 , Blogger Unknown said...

I've never heard of a more dangerous concept than giving an unelected and ultimately unaccountable body absolute global control over life. It literally can declare a pandemic whenever it wants, it can impose bioweapon vaccines whenever it wants and we, the world's people, cannot get rid of its officials nor throw out its major funder, the psychopath, William Gates III. The WHO's actions over Covid19 render it completely unfit to have any authority over anything and the sooner that major nations simply leave the WHO and its edicts, the better.


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