Wednesday 11 January 2023



Anonymous writes - 

Romanian writer Adrian Onciu calls Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán 'the last Mohican - the last European leader with the courage to tell the truth'

In the video below  Orbán says:

- if you supply weapons, you are in the war
- if you train combat troops, you are in the war
- if you finance a warring government, you are in the war

Hungary does not want to be in the war ... tho it has welcomed hundreds of thousands of fleeing Ukrainians over its mutual border with Ukraine

Orbán calls for immediate full cease-fire between Russia and Ukraine, and for all parties to then try and negotiate a path without violence

Orbán speaks grievingly of hundreds of ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine who are now dead, after they were drafted into Ukraine's military

Orbán speaks of the tragedy and foolishness of the sanctions, destroying European economies and lives ... 

Orbán has vetoed some of them, tho not all of them, explaining he is trying to avoid a full divorce between his small Hungary and the European community


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