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Jewish Nazis - Left Admiral Bernhard Rogge. Right Colonel Walter Hollaender. Were the top German Nazis a Jewish faction with fascist views - within the Jewish world?

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How Jewish Is the War Against Russia? …

“Currently, the top three State Department officials (Tony Blinken, Wendy Sherman and Victoria Nuland) are all Zionist Jews. 

"The head of the Department of Homeland Security … is also Jewish, as is the Attorney General and the president’s chief of staff. 

“They and their boss Joe Biden do not seem concerned that their client Ukraine is no democracy. 

“The nation’s current government came into power after the 2014 coup … The regime change carried out under Barack Obama was driven by State Department Russophobe Victoria Nuland with a little help from international globalist George Soros.

"It removed the democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych … 

“[The perpetrators] are joined by journalists like Bret Stephens at the New York Times, Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper at CNN, and also Max Boot at the Washington Post, all of whom are Jewish and can be counted on to write regular pieces both damning and demonizing Russia and its head of state … 

Osama's mother was Jewish.

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“The] intensely Russophobic US and Western media, foundations and social networking sites are disproportionately Jewish in their ownership and staffing. “And beyond that, Ukraine is to a certain extent a very Jewish-identified place … 

“The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports that a ‘2020 demographic survey estimated that besides a “core” population of 43,000 Jews, around 200,000 Ukrainians are technically eligible for Israeli citizenship, meaning that they have identifiable Jewish ancestry. The European Jewish Congress says that number could be as high as 400,000.’ 

“If that is true, it is one of the largest Jewish communities in the world …

 “So, one has to ask ‘Whose war is it and who is making it happen?’ …”


'Jewish bankers and industrialists allegedly played an important role in the formation of the Nazi regime : the industrialists Friedrich (“Fritz”) Mandl and Reinhold Gessner and the bankers Oscar Wassermann, Hans Privin, and Max Warburg.'


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The current Defence and Security Editor for The Guardian newspaper is Dan Sabbagh.

Dan Sabbagh has triumphantly hailed this week’s decisions by Germany and the U.S. to send tanks to Ukraine as “a significant step forward”. 

Dan Sabbagh identifies as Jewish. 

In a possibly surprising twist, we read that “Sabbagh started at The Guardian as head of media and technology and has NO HISTORY of covering national security”. 

It is not known if the (on the face of it) perplexing decision to install the seemingly unqualified Sabbagh as Defence and Security Editor was made or influenced by: 

- The Guardian’s political columnist and leader writer, Rafael Behr, who identifies as Jewish and spent childhood summers in Israel; - 


-The Guardian’s senior columnist and former executive editor for opinion Jonathan Freedland, who was a member of the Zionist youth movement Habonim “with whom he spent a gap year in Israel, including a spell on kibbutz”; 

- The Guardian’s deputy political editor Jessica Elgot, formerly of The Jewish Chronicle; or 

- The Guardian’s friends linked to the security services.

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Ukraine could stage false flag operation on nuclear power plant to force Western intervention.

SCOTT RITTER: The West’s recent approval of more military assistance for Kiev risks nuclear nightmare …

“Dmitri Medvedev, a former Russian president and close adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, [wrote] on Twitter that those who promote a Russian defeat risk unleashing global ruin:

‘None of them gets it that a nuclear power’s loss of a conventional war can lead to a nuclear one. Nuclear powers haven’t been defeated in major conflicts crucial for their destiny’ …

“Today, Russia’s military presence in Ukraine is a far cry from what it was in the autumn of 2022 … Russia has not only consolidated the frontline in eastern Ukraine … but also reinforced its forces with some 80,000 mobilized troops …

“Ukraine has insufficient forces for the task … 

“Ukraine and Nato should heed the history lesson … German tanks do not historically fare well against Russian tanks on Ukrainian soil … 

“[Tens] of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers’ [lives] are about to be sacrificed on an altar of national hubris and ignorance.” 

- Scott Ritter is a former U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer

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U.S. asked Israel for its Hawk missiles to send to Ukraine


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