Monday 23 January 2023

Scotland Against Lockdown / UK health minister

Scotland Against Lockdown

Freedom Of Information request document showing that Public Health Scotland have NEVER seen a study or a document that has ever isolated the C thing, to prove that the C thing exists!

Conservative health minister has big stake in Covid testing firm


At 23 January 2023 at 13:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lockdown lunatic Chris Hipkins to become New Zealand’s next prime minister

“Here he is in July 2021 warning that the government will start tracking down individuals who haven’t ‘come forward’ to take the COVID jab.

“‘I think early next year we’ll be in the phase of chasing out people who haven’t come forward to get their vaccination, or missed their bookings and so on,’ Hipkins told reporters.

[He said:]

“‘… Of course, I want every New Zealander to come forward, but human behaviour suggests that there will be some people that we actually have to really go out and look for, and some of that may spill into next year.’

“Unsurprisingly, Hipkins is keeping tight-lipped about his policy vision until he becomes leader.

“‘I’m gonna avoid comment on positions or policy today. I’m not commenting on those things today. The process isn’t yet finished,’ he said …”

At 23 January 2023 at 18:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


An interesting minor discovery.

The Background:
It seems probable that ‘very substantial’ income and expenditure streams would have attached to the national-level human trafficker, Sir Jimmy Savile. Revenue streams and expenses around the procurement and supply of children, youths, adults and possibly corpses for assault, rape and in some cases murder by U.K. prime minister Edward Heath, cabinet ministers, top military brass, royalty and other VIPs would very likely be ‘significant’.

Crime at this level tends to be expensive: expenses can be substantial, and there are many people who may need to be paid off. We assume that the procurement and trafficking of humans for sexual torture etc may also yield substantial monetary compensation.

Jimmy Savile is believed to have to have been working at different times for certain intelligence services, or elements thereof, such as the Mossad and possibly the CIA and British SIS, all of whose resources are significant.

When filthy money linked to child trafficking and intelligence services needs to be moved, concealed and disbursed, who can be trusted to cook the books?

Step forward Jimmy Savile’s only known accountant, HAROLD ‘HARRY’ GRUBER.

Gruber’s name has also been misspelled in public records and press as Harry Grumber and Harald Gruber.

According to the information he supplied to U.K. Companies House, accountant Harold ‘Harry’ Gruber was born in August 1928. He gave his address to Companies House as: 4 Valley Close, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 1HZ.

Harold and his wife Pearl were described in the press as “close friends” of Savile.

As well as keeping/cooking Savile’s accounts, Harold Gruber was also at one time a director of the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust with others including, at various times, James Collier (Deputy Secretary to the Department of Health and Social Security), Dr Roger Bodley and Luke Lucas.

According to a press report, Harold and Pearl brought Jimmy Savile to their daughter Sharon’s batmitzvah party in Cheadle, in 1968. (Sharon Gruber would later in life move to Mill Hill.) Harold and Pearl also had at least one other child, Malcolm. On September 3 2006, Malcolm Gruber reportedly married Sharon Wainer (daughter of Eta and Gerald Wainer) in Bournemouth. According to her Twitter profile, Sharon Gruber nee Wainer was recently Consultant Relations Manager, BMI, at The Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle.

The interesting minor discover is that, in c. 1975, Harold Gruber was president of the ZIONIST CENTRAL COUNCIL of Manchester.

Almost certainly the same Harold Gruber, accountant to Britain’s procurer of children, youths and adults for sexual assault, rape, and in some cases suspected murder, by the societal elite, for the establishment and maintenance of such ‘control files’ as are used to steer the fates of VIPs, policies, laws, governments, corporations, NGOs and nations, as well as stoking fortunes and starting wars.

At 23 January 2023 at 18:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As well as Jimmy Savile’s accountant, Harry Gruber was also the accountant for a company called ‘Goulds Design and Manufacturing Ltd. (from November 1992 - March 1993 called Functioncharge Ltd.).

The company CEO was Simon Gould of 23 Park Road, in the Crumpsall area of Greater Manchester near Prestwich, M8 4HT. On 6 February 2015 the following article appeared in The Telegraph:

‘We’re leaving Britain - Jews aren’t safe here any more’

“After watching the rise in anti-Semitism in this country, the Gould family has taken the radical decision to emigrate to America. They tell Angela Epstein why

“Simon and Honey Gould, married for more than 20 years and with two children, live a seemingly peaceful life in their handsome five-bedroom house in a quiet British suburb. Simon, 52, is a successful businessman running his own property company. Honey, 49, has pursued a career in marketing, while also raising son Arron, now 18, and daughter Angel, 16. Their wide circle of friends, close family and other relatives lives nearby. Yet this summer the Goulds will … leave the UK for good … But the family, who are Jewish, no longer feel safe in this country. They believe they have no choice …”

N.B. There is no suggestion that Simon and Honey Gould knew that their company accountant worked for Britain’s most heinous child trafficker and pedophile, Jimmy Savile; or that they abruptly quit Britain for America in 2015 for anything other than the legitimate reasons they state. The Goulds may have employed Jimmy Savile’s accountant in entirely good faith, not realising that he also worked for one of the twentieth century’s most wicked pedophiles and child traffickers.

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At 23 January 2023 at 19:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


“I knew the real woman and the real woman was something else. The times I spent up there – Denis, me and her, shoes off in front of the fire.”

Answer: Jimmy Savile on prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

“She was just astonishing and it was one of the greatest privileges of my life to have the honour to meet her.” “She radiated a warmth and a sparkle in her eyes that was just mesmerising, really.”

Answer: Ghislaine Maxwell on Queen Elizabeth II.

“We watched as a group of boys from the home got on [Morning Cloud]? They were in shorts and T-shirts and looked as if they were on a day trip.” “We counted them back but one boy was missing.”

Answer: Author Linda Corby on prime minister Edward Heath

“Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy.”

Answer: King Charles II on Jimmy Savile.

At 23 January 2023 at 19:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

* correction: King Charles III


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