Wednesday 4 January 2023


MI6 has left a new comment on the post 'VICTOR ROTHSCHILD, FLORA SOLOMONS':

Looking for Russian spies? There is even a new proverb ... "I'll do it in a truss" after the Kremlin gained complete access to Truss's mobile phone in a matter of minutes after she became Foreign Secretary. 

The question is, did Johnson hide this so as to get her elected and dumped a few weeks later? We understand he did just that.

Why should anyone believe Boris Johnson puts his country before himself or believe his anti-Russian rhetoric? 

In 2016 when campaigning for Brexit he accused the EU of provoking Russia’s attacks on Ukraine.

Indeed, Johnson/Cummings delivered Brexit beyond Putin's wildest dreams. 

Combine Brexit with Trump's divisiveness and no wonder Putin concluded the USA/EU/UK/NATO club was a crippled anachronism.

Don’t be surprised if Brandon Lewis features in future Russian scandals. 

Lewis was Truss’s Justice Secretary (pardon the joke), stars in Private Eye under the anagram Baron Swindler, is a pal of Sir Ehud Sheleg and may even have a Russian passport or two for emergencies.

Talking of Russia don't forget the Indian IT services company Infosys is still operating from Moscow eight months after it announced its exit. 

Sunak's wife, Akshata Murty, has a 0.91 per cent stake in and collects £11.5m in annual dividends from Infosys.

An article on the web by Bill Fairclough (ex-spook and one of Pemberton’s People in MI6) about all this called Britain's Dismal Dossier on Russian Political Infiltration makes for compelling reading. 

It's about Russian influence on the West and puts forward hard evidence that Johnson and Cummings (prior to becoming political bigwigs) were one way or another compromised by Russian intelligence.

Dozens of Tory Party supporters, MPs et al with Russian leanings are named in the article. Johnson and Cummings could have been unwittingly manipulated. 

After all, flattery is a narcissist's best friend. 

See the news for TheBurlingtonFiles website on July 21, 2021 (since updated) and an intriguing article about Fairclough in MI6 in a later news article dated 31 October 2022.


At 4 January 2023 at 13:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nations at war tend to abuse and sacrifice their minorities

Apparently this is happening now on both sides in the Russia-Ukraine war

'Russian ethnic minorities bearing brunt of Russia's war mobilisation in Ukraine'

"Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán Viktor confirms that 'Hundreds of ethnic Hungarians have died as a result of Ukrainian conscription' ... the Ukrainian military disproportionately recruits ethnic Hungarians as cannon fodder against Russian artillery shells."

Some Hungarians are calling for an invasion of Ukraine to rescue their fellow Hungarians from Zelensky, and start the partition of Ukraine territory ... another potential Ukraine partition map here

Zelensky denies the Hungarian men any right to leave, unlike Jews whom Jewish Zelensky allowed to depart


Despite Scotland's small population, Scots regiments are very prominent in Britain's imperial history, many died building Britain's former empire

The civil-war-winning northern USA Yankees made extensive use of the defeated Southerners, as the old core of the US military

Now the US military is highly Latino, with irregular immigrants offered citizenship if they serve the military and survive until afterwards ... many have died in Iraq and elsewhere


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