Wednesday 25 January 2023


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We need to put government ministers, media chiefs and the behavioural insights team in prison.

An NHS doctor has revealed that he was seeing children as young as eight self-harming and attempting suicide amid what had become an unprecedented mental health crisis fuelled by the stress - 

Caused by months of fear propaganda pedalled by the Government and the mainstream media in relation to the alleged Covid-19 pandemic.

Disabled in Nazi Reich

Consultant Dave Greenhorn confirmed that back in March 2021, he and fellow NHS staff at Bradford Royal Infirmary were regularly seeing youngsters who had attempted suicide or taken overdoses due to the stress of being terrified of family members catching Covid-19.

Dr Greenhorn said that NHS staff had seen “all sorts of tragic things that we haven’t seen before”. Adding that although the majority of children coming through the doors were teenagers, they were now seeing children as young as eight-years-old.

Disabled kids in Nazi Reich

The experienced doctor confirmed this was something that was “extremely unusual” prior to the introduction of dictatorial tyranny in the United Kingdom in response to the alleged Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Greenhorn said, commenting on the increase in youngsters taking drugs and alcohol and trying to escape their homes by jumping out of windows –


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UK Policy - Energy Eugenics 

Frail pensioner dies of hypothermia after being left unable to afford heating 

"It's so sad. She was a really nice woman and lived here for years." 

A frail pensioner died of hypothermia after telling her GP she couldn't afford to turn on the heating in her home, an inquest has heard. 

Barbara Bolton, 87, was admitted to Fairfield Hospital on December 11 last year with the condition, as well as a chest infection.


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Starmer's National Socialist Labour Party 

On Saturday, Rachel Reeves delivered a speech to the Fabian Society praising the eugenicist Beatrice Webb as her heroine. ....... 

Most accounts of the origin of Britain’s welfare state begin with the Minority Report of the Royal Commission on the Poor Laws, drafted by Sidney and Beatrice Webb during the first decade of the 20th century. Beneath their seemingly compassionate rhetoric, the founders of the Fabian Society were snobbish, elitist and harboured a savage contempt for the poorest of the poor. 

Both husband and wife were enthusiastic supporters of the eugenics movement, which held that most of the behavioural traits that led to poverty were inherited. In short, that the poor were genetically inferior to the educated middle class. 


Eugenics had been the brainchild of Charles Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton, and was developed in response to Darwin’s theory of natural selection. It was taken up as a programme of political action by Darwin’s son Leonard. The eugenicists aimed to replace natural selection with a planned and deliberate selection. 

They were alarmed by the fact that the poorest in society bred faster than the middle class, forecasting that this trend would lead to a spiral of degeneration in the gene pool. Their aim was to encourage the rich to have more children and the poor to have fewer. 

They quickly got the science establishment on their side, creating a national panic about genetic deterioration that became as widespread and salient as fears of global warming are today. In this scenario, the poorest with their ‘defective’ genes were the bogeymen, a class that threatened to contaminate future generations. 

Reportedly, Mengele had Jewish origins.

1. Eugenics is a movement that believes societies can be strengthened by genetic management and refinement. 

2. The Nazis were strong adherents of eugenics, though they neither invented it nor were the first to implement it. 

3. In July 1933 they authorised a program of compulsory sterilisation for those with 'hereditary illnesses'


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