Sunday 18 December 2022


Current immigration levels of more than one million a year could become the 'norm' for Britain, a think-tank warned last night.


At 18 December 2022 at 23:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just Stop Cannibalism

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Your whole body can feed up to 40 people*

Human Meat as Food Source

The practice of cannibalism is not uncommon in living beings. In both the animal kingdom and our human history, the consumption of one’s own species has existed.

About Us
Welcome to the Human Meat Project, we are the human meat donation program. By donating bodies for human consumption, we are taking action to solve overpopulation, which leads to climate change and the greenhouse effect caused by the mass farming of livestock animals in order to feed the world.

At Human Meat Project, we value every body and every life.

We emphasize the source and origins of our human meat to deliver the diversity of our world and reveal the worrying differences of quality of life across the globe.

Our organization welcomes every nation to give back to the rest of the world. Hand in hand, we can help each other improve living conditions and the environment for everyone through this global movement.

Human Meat Donation Mission and Vision

In order to save the planet from the impact of our modern civilization and lifestyle, we have to make a change in our ideas about consumption and our dietary choices.

We face climate change due to waste, pollution, deforestation and overpopulation problems.

By donating your body for human consumption, you are taking direct action to help others and lessen the damage of the industrial age.

By consuming human meat, we create a change in both our life and the world. By improving the standard quality of life in every country and nation, we can give everyone in the world a good life.


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