Saturday 17 December 2022


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I don't know or care who Aangirfan is, but I have been reading your blog and occasionally commenting for over 20 years. 

I think a few of the conspiracy theories posted on your blog, are totally ridiculous, but most of them make far more sense, than anything in the mainstream media.

I note your interest in Dumfries, so guess you have a big affection for Dumfries...Scotland..I think my Dad was sent there before and during World War 1 to a posh school - All Boys. 

He told me - he hated it and just wanted to meet my mum, which he obviously did in 1939, or I wouldn't be here.

Merry Christmas Aangirfan - your photgraphy is awesome - your interest and travel, and care particularly for children is awesome.

We have got a new Baby Grandchild. She is Beautiful.
Thank You, Tony & Wife xx


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