Sunday 18 December 2022


Camilla's friend Jeremy Clarkson - 

Jeremy Clarkson is blasted for saying he dreams of Meghan Markle being 'paraded naked through the streets' and that he hates her more than serial killer Rose West

He wants to see 'people throwing lumps of excrement at her'. 


At 18 December 2022 at 05:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Camilla Charles and Dr Ali

The Healing Power of Words:
Psychotherapy in the USSR, 1956-1985

In contrast to many Western psychotherapies which claimed to work through
helping their patients achieve insight into their psyche and their true “self”63, most Soviet
psychotherapies – and particularly those relying on suggestion – regarded exploration of
patients’ thoughts, emotions, and experiences as something akin to examination before the
actual treatment.

The Soviet trained Dr Ali - Hypnosis ?

Dr. Mosaraf Ali's Education:

Central Institute of Advanced Medical Sciences
1972 – 1979
MD (Medicine)
Concentration: Medicine
Activities: Pulse Diagnosis, Iridology, Hypnosis, Acupuncture, Surgery, Anti- Aging

Structure and work of the Central Institute of Advanced Medical Studies, Moscow
by V. N. Butrov
Published in Geneva

21. The Health Guru

Beat it, nicotine gum. After developing a persistent cough and allergy symptoms, Parker Bowles finally kicked her three-decade-long cigarette habit under the guidance of Dr. Mosaraf Ali, an expert on integrated health and alternative healing (translation: total new age guru.) Parker Bowles and Prince Charles are known as Ali’s most loyal clients (translation: priceless free publicity.)

Healer to the stars in court battle to save his reputation
The Bathija family have raised questions about Ali's credentials as a doctor. He always calls himself 'Doctor' but he is a natural health practitioner, not a conventional medical doctor. The General Medical Council, which licenses doctors in the UK, said he was not registered with it. Ali's medical degree came in 1980 from the Patrice Lumumba Peoples' Friendship University in Moscow. The GMC says 'Doctor' is a courtesy title that can be used by anyone with medical or academic qualifications, which Ali has.

But Shibani Bathija said that her father opted to seek treatment at the IMC partly because famous people such as the Prince of Wales had endorsed Ali's treatment but also because he was a medical doctor, too. 'The website shows Dr Ali in a white coat and stethoscope, leading us to believe that he was a registered doctor in the UK,' she said.

Dr Ali has teaching experience. His diagnosis is accurate and simple. His books have been bestsellers. Dr Ali runs a charity clinic for the needy in the Indian Himalayas. He uses simple language to explain complicated medical matters. He has endorsements from famous people like HRH Prince of Wales, Morgan Freeman, Sylvester Stallone, Samuel L. Jackson, Andrew Llyod Webber, Kate Moss, Jonathan Newhouse (Condé Nast). He has also treated Michael Douglas, Ernie Els, Colin Montgomery, Claudia Scheffer, Sir Richard Branson, Sir Michael Caine, Boris Becker and members of several Royal Families as well as Heads of States and leading business families of the world. All these people have carried out their research on Dr. Ali's experience and capabilities before seeking his advice. Dr Ali is a pioneer and has more experience than many other doctors practising Integrated Medicine. His clinic in London and India, and the clinical spa in Tuscany and Cochin are very successful institutions.

At 18 December 2022 at 05:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

German elites have moved aggressively to destroy anti-war opposition across Europe, and to seize tighter control of EU government

Two recent major news events, December 7 and 9 - the alleged German 'coup attempt' and then 'arrests for EU Parliament bribery' - are not what they seem

Info thanks to German 'Anti-Spiegel' (like 'Off-Guardian' in UK) and John Helmer

Just like the 1940s, German elites are ruining the lives of their own people ... war against Russia, again ... tho the current 'Reich' is neo-liberal corporations and money control led by Germans ... corporations who seek new frontier 'lebensraum' in the East and Ukraine.

"Race hatred against Russians ... is the substitute today, motivating and propagandising the war in Europe, as race hatred for the Jews was in Hitler’s ideology"
- John Helmer

December 7 there was a much-ballyhooed 'German Coup plot thwarted' involving an eccentric aristocrat, Prince Heinrich XIII of Reuss. The 'plot' seems to be a fraud of German & Nato intelligence agencies, with the goal of demonising growing anti-war sentiment in Germany ... now politically represented by the populist 'Right' of the AfD party, the 'Left' now being ultra-pro-war against Russia, 'because LGBT'.

Showing that the 'coup' was a fraud is that major German media was tipped off in advance and had stories instantly ready to roll ... if there was genuine 'danger' to German lives and govt, the nation's entire media would not be informed in advance of police action.

Prince Heinrich is said to be a harmless eccentric. His movement, the 'Reichsbürgers', merely claim that no German government since 1918 - not Weimar, not the Nazis, not the post-war Republic - is legitimate, because all were imposed by force, with no referendum. The Reichsbürger goal was a referendum vote to legitimise a government, free of Nato-EU etc imposition. No doubt some crude remarks were made at points about current German leaders being traitors etc ... but German gov insiders report that the 'coup plan' is a fabrication.

December 9 there was a much-ballyhooed 'arrest of EU Parliament members involved in bribery with Qatar'. This again was a Nato & German intelligence agency project, with the goal of discrediting the EU Parliament and the many anti-war (also anti-vax etc) voices amongst its 705 members.

Although a majority of Parliment members are pro-war, pro-NWO, pro-Klaus-Schwab etc, there are many many dissidents giving speeches, posting videos with enormously dissident views. The EU Parliament is the 'loose cannon' in EU Institutions, the only part of the EU triad not under strict German control - the EU Commission under authoritarian control by German Von der Leyen, the EU Council of 27 national heads of government all under German bullying. EU Commission staff admit: 'Germans run everything here.'

Bribery and influence-buying seem to take place all the time at the EU ... one can recall the leaked documents where Soros and his organisations boasted of having 226 EU Parliament members in Soros' pocket:

Yet it is only now that influence-buying is prosecuted. Brussels is the 2nd-most-spied-upon city in the world, after only New York with the United Nations. Obviously intel agencies knew for some time what Qatar and others are doing.

It seems Qatar visits were allowed to proceed for a time, and then suddenly BOOM the EU Parliament is discredited as the 'place where the MEPs take huge bribes' ... its anti-war voices, and its anti-vax voices etc, now permanently tainted.


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