Sunday 11 December 2022


'Worlds Smartest Kid Max Laughlin Just Revealed CERN Just Opened A Portal To Another Dimension', 11m26

Anonymous said...

Boy genius, time-shifting, parallel universes, and eternity

A teen-age super-genius, Max Laughlin - sometimes called 'smartest kid in the world' - is intriguing people with his ideas that the CERN Hadron Collider in Switzerland, is a profound construction opening doors to time-shifting and other universes - video of him below

The Hadron Collider seems to have been foreseen by a brief 1966-67 TV series, 'The Time Tunnel', where people were launched through time through a magnificently-rendered huge tunnel in an underground complex costing billions

Here is a comparison photo of the 1966 'Time Tunnel', and a view of the Hadron Collider in 2022 - one echoes the other

This is a 95-second clip of the 'first trip through time' in the first episode of that 1966 TV series ... politicians are about to eliminate the Time Tunnel budget, so a young scientist launches himself alone into the Tunnel ahead of schedule, to prove that it works ... quite well-done, rather exciting

Much is made of the statue of Hindu god Shiva, the 'God of Destruction', and his wheel of fire, outside CERN and the Hadron Collider

But what is often unmentioned is that one of Shiva's four hands, is lifted up in the classic gesture of giving comfort ... Shiva is saying, 'Be Not Afraid ... tho all will seem to be destroyed, you and I will be there amidst what is afterwards, and forever'


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