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Robert Pinède, a Jewish gentleman, and his three children were in Oradour. They were allowed to escape.

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"A notorious French Holocaust denier who was arrested in a Scottish village after being on the run for two years will not be extradited to France, a Scottish criminal lawyer has said.

Vincent Reynouard fled France after his conviction under anti-Nazi laws in 2020. He was arrested this week under the post-Brexit Trade and Co-operation Agreement in Anstruther, Fife.

Paul Dunne, an Edinburgh-based criminal defence lawyer, told Good Morning Scotland on BBC Radio Scotland that the extradition bid was almost certain to fail because a Scottish court cannot deal with something it does not recognise as criminal behaviour."

'Extradition case ‘will fail’ against French Holocaust denier Vincent Reynouard'

Adolf Diekmann

Adolf Diekmann

The name Diekmann is of German and Jewish (Ashkenazic) origin.

'On 10 June 1944, four days after D-Day, the village of Oradour-sur-Glane in Nazi-occupied France was destroyed when 643 civilians, including non-combatant women and children, were massacred by a German Waffen-SS company led by Adolf Diekmann.'

Diekmann is usually a Jewish name.


"Shockingly, none of the men involved in the ruthless massacre did more than 14 years in prison for their crimes."

"There were several Jewish people who survived. 

"One older couple from the Bordeaux area were hidden by a neighbour in a cellar. 

"A dentist from Brittany who had been staying in one of the village’s hotels having crossed the demarcation line watched event unfold from a ditch. 

Robert Pinède, a Jewish gentleman, and his three children were in Oradour. They were allowed to escape.

The remarkable Pinède family - 

Robert, Francine, Jacqueline and André Pinède escaped - one of the troops let them escape.

Jean Roumy, a former chief of the pétainist (Nazi) veteran association and head of what was known to be one of the more right-wing families in Oradour, was the next door neighbour to the Pinède family. There were no denunciations. Indeed, the Pinède and Roumy families became good friends.

"A few Nazis had been killed in a nearby town called Saint Junien.

"Some French resistance forces had blown up a train bridge controlled by the Nazis.

"Commander Diekmann (Nazi) took revenge for the death of his soldiers. The revenge was the tragedy at Oradour-sur-Glanes."


Russia says Israel supports neo-Nazis in row over Ukraine

3 May 2022 — Russia's foreign ministry has accused Israel of supporting neo-Nazis ... 

Minister Sergei Lavrov claimed Adolf Hitler had Jewish origins.


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Lavrov is very likely a crypto jew


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