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Fascinating unravelling of the 'official story' of US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul, 'hit in the head by an intruder with a hammer'

Story still getting sorted but here are key points

Paul Pelosi, age 82, and alleged attacker David DePape, age 42, were apparently both in their underwear when police arrived, let in the house by a 'third person'
The call to police according to a source as 'a friend at the Pelosi's is causing disturbance'
Police see Mr Pelosi holding a hammer at first, and in front of the police there was a quick scuffle, and Mr Pelosi was hit by the other man with a hammer, the man promptly arrested
Police initial action seems like officers confronting a late night 'domestic dispute' of 2 men in underwear, not an 'intruder', who would have been immediately subdued

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is next in line to US Presidency after Kamala Harris, house has heavy security
Smashed glass is outside the window suggesting it was broken from the inside
Seems clear David DePape was invited into the Pelosi house, not an 'intruder' as in news stories
Video surveillance footage is not being shown, nor police cams
Who is the un-named person who opened the door for police?

David DePape has complex troubled life amidst some homeless and drug-using people, had wife (who is now in jail) but DePape also said by some to be linked with male prostitution
Mr Pelosi was involved in a drunk-driving arrest recently with an un-named '3rd person' in the accident - could this be DePape?
DePape in Berkeley semi-homeless-drug-hippie lifestyle, associated with Green Party, BLM and leftism, according to neighbours
After attack, a strangely-dated set of recent 'social media' of DePape was produced, with 'right wing Trumpist MAGA conspiracy themes', DePape just all of a sudden starting to post along these lines ... Alleged 'manifesto' now too ... seems dodgy

Nancy Pelosi was away travelling
Did Mr Pelosi possibly have a gay sexual encounter with younger DePape, possibly also a 3rd person, drugs perhaps in the scene as well?
Did something go wrong, perhaps drug-exacerbated ... DePape wanting more money perhaps? Drugged-up gays arguing, DePape not leaving? Police arrive, drug-fuelled DePape gets crazy, seizes hammer in front of police and hits Mr Pelosi?
FBI-NSA-CIA-Secret Service all jump in to augment 'right wing intruder story' to hide gay sex & drug party at home which is under USA national security?

Cartoon image of what the San Francisco police maybe saw as they arrived -
Two men in their underwear with hammers


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