Thursday 22 September 2022


John, one of my neighbours, urgently needed to see a doctor.

No doctor was available.

No ambulance was available.

The doctor suggested that John go to Accident and Emergency by taxi.

But, no taxi was available.

Eventually a neighbour got John to the hospital.

John was kept in hospital for several days, and is now reasonably OK.

Crowded UK hospital in 2015.

Where I live, most of the little local primary schools have been closed and so kids have to get taxis to get to and from the larger school.

Over 3m people in north of England 'face social

 exclusion due to poor transport’ (22 9 2022)

A fifth of the people living in northern England are prevented from participating in the opportunities around them because of poor transport, according to the report by Transport.

'People spoke about -

Having to get taxis to work – which sometimes cost as much as they earned – as a consequence of unreliable public transport services.

Long journeys because of erratic services. 

Missing important medical appointments when services failed to turn up.

One person said: “I was called out several times recently to rescue my 80-year-old mother from the bus stop when the service was cancelled without warning or offer of help.”

Another said: “There’s only one bus an hour and it didn’t turn up. The children were cold and hungry and we had no idea what was going to happen.”

A schoolchild said: “It takes two or three buses to get to school and it takes ages. It also means I can’t stay on for after-school activities and also reduced my choice for A-levels.”


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