Sunday 11 September 2022

BISEXUAL ROYALS; Equerry - King Charles

The kilt-clad Scottish Army officer and equerry for the new King sending hearts aflutter

Al-Hakam ii (961AD-976)

Al-Hakam II was the openly Muslim homosexual ruler of Al-Andalus (now Spain).
He openly kept a male harem, which he took everywhere with him during his reign.
Carrying the legacy of his father, his son Hisham II did the very same.

The gay royals from history that you aren't taught about at school



At 11 September 2022 at 06:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI EIIR's replacement, CIIIR appears to be cognisant of occult ritual and dates. They do not believe in coincidence, nor do I. This 9/11 is IX XI full moon. It is also the birth date of Yeshua ben Yoseph (9/11 3BC) & the 21st Memorial of the NYC IX XI ritual which has been completely over shadowed by CIIIR officially being accepted as the new King. When? Again? When? Harvest Moon, Summer Mutable - Ritual Function: Conclude Summer’s Cultivation of Great Work. Sun: Virgo ♍︎ Moon: Pisces ♓︎ Exact Calendar Date: Saturday September 10, 2022 5:59 AM. Suggested Celebration Planning: Observe anytime the Friday before after the moon enters Pisces that morning at 12:42 am until exact opposition Saturday morning at 5:59 am. Planetary Magick by Day of the Week: Waxing Venus or Saturn magick. See Witches Calendar 2022.


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