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Archie Battersbee - photo posted by his mother Hollie. 

Hollie Dance / Lisa Pittaway / Ella Carter / Archie Battersbee ...


Posted by Archie.

Archie and his mother

Lisa Pittaway, now known as Hollie Dance, is the mother of Archie Battersbee.

Hollie changed her name, in 2014.

Reportedly, she has a history of causing scenes and being violent. 

Her Facebook 'before it was sanitized showed that she was a stripper and that she worked at MULTIPLE Gentleman's Clubs'. 

It also seems that she had random people on Facebook calling her for phone sex. Katz and Club Tantalize speak about being premiere lap-dancing clubs.

Hollie Dance / Lisa Pittaway / Ella Carter / Archie Battersbee ...

Hollie Dance


Director of Pole Dance Uk LTD. 

Poledancing lessons from beginner to advanced in the Essex area,fully fitness qualified instructors .Keep fit the fun way.

Southend Essex Uk

Hollie with Archie and her older children Tom and Lauren

Some of the tales Hollie has given for this event include (Up to 11 now) :

Original story was that she was in the house and didn't see Archie for 10 minutes or so then came and found him hanging by a dressing cord. 

She then states she cut him down and he fell 8 feet and she ran out screaming and a neighbor came and did CPR until paramedics arrived. 

In this original story he was without oxygen for 40 minutes.

Later her story would change that he was only without oxygen for about 3 minutes and she did everything herself.

Another story involved her walking out of her room about 5 minutes after he played a joke on her to find him laying on the floor at top of stairs where she undid the cord and started CPR there.

Another story involved her coming home finding him hanging.

Two stories involved no rabbit, but them coming home from dinner and suddenly he's on the hallway staircase. 

The only difference in the accounts is one she does CPR and one she runs around outside until she finds a neighbor to do CPR.

Some stories involve a joke with a rabbit before hand, some do not. They either end with her being all happy about it to her screaming at him about it.

“I’ve left the room after a couple of minutes …. well not a couple of minutes like a few minutes. I’d had a phone call and just pottered around really”

“A couple of phone calls, well …. uh … two phone calls had taken place. A couple of text messages and then… Sorry, so when I’d made the first phone calls he’d come into my room on the last phone call and then I’d put the phone down. That’s when we had the conversation about the rabbit.”

Another version has the bunny story gone and that she was out of the house and came home and Archie was laying on the floor with the cord around his neck.

Her newest version of the story is the most perplexing yet. Now it states that he was playing with the rabbit tripped and somehow the dressing cord around his neck attached itself to the banister and hanged him.


(Hollie Dance)

(Lauren Summers - Sister)

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