Sunday, 3 July 2022


Sea of Galilee

Jesus convinced a man that his sick son would be ok, and the EXACT moment that the man believed this to be true, his son was healed.

John 4:43-54 NIV - Jesus Heals an Official's Son 


Your mind appears to create your nightime dreams or nightmares.

Notice how detailed and how incredible your dreams are!

Your mind may be creating your daytime reality.

Reality might be “in the eye of the observer,” according to new research.

Objective Reality May Not Exist, Scientists Say

Does a tree makes a sound if it falls in a forest with no creature around to hear it.

Does physical reality exists independent of its observer.

A particle is the smallest thing you can get.

One particle can be in two or even “all” possible places at the same time.

 “Quantum reality” might be some kind of putty you mold into different shapes with your own actions.

Quantum Physics might explain how Jesus did miracles?

Tune in to the divine, be kind and forgiving, and let your mind heal everything.



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