Friday 10 June 2022



February 20th - 

'Justin Bieber, 27, was reported in February 2022 to have tested positive for covid. 

'Bieber is vaccinated?  - his current tour requires proof of vaccination for entry.'

A virus has caused problems for Justin Bieber.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a complication of shingles that can lead to (usually temporary) facial paralysis.

Justin's wife Hailey was hospitalized in March for a small blood clot in her brain which gave her stroke-like symptoms.


At 12 June 2022 at 05:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only publicity for the Beeb, I don't believe he's ill; a good make up dude did brilliant work. Rich peeps don't get sick off the jab, they were given saline.

At 23 June 2022 at 03:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would have expected Bieber to have been given the 'safe' injection . They can't afford to have too many celebrities with facial paralysis?


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