Tuesday 7 June 2022


 Britain just isn’t working any more

- by Simon Jenkins

'Britain ... has taken on the aura of a badly ruled, poorly developed country

'Half the children’s homes in England are now in the hands of offshore private equity operators, profiting on their ability to sting local councils with high fees.'

'Tried getting through to a GP’s surgery lately?

'Or a bank?

'Or the customer services of almost anything? Catching a flight? Good luck. Waiting for a train?

'The jubilee holiday period saw Britain’s airports collapse into chaos...

'We hear daily that the NHS is in distress. It has “lost” 25,000 beds, and a staggering 14 million patients face delayed surgery, 300,000 for heart treatment.

'A third of GPs say they plan to quit the NHS in the next four years, citing bureaucracy and demoralisation.

'On crime, police failure to investigate burglaries has doubled and prosecutions for rape have plummeted by 70%. In the final quarter of 2021, 96 criminal trials were aborted for want of a judge, against just four a year earlier.

'London education has reduced 41% of state school parents to feeling they must buy private tutoring for their children.'


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