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Carl Beech named as child abusers a number of top people.

Witness A came forward to back up the accusations of Carl 'Nick' Beech.

According to the police, 'It is alleged by Witness A that Jonathan Aitken took part in group sex/rape with Harvey Proctor and Leon Brittan in London and Essex.'

Jonathan Aitken was named by Carl Beech - so why did police never even tell him? Ex-Tory minister joins chorus of protest over Operation Midland

There is a belief that the top people named by Carl Beech were 'untouchables' because they had links to the security services.

Lord Victor Rothschild is said to have exercised a large degree of control over the UK security services.

Jonathan Aitken and Stanley Johnson attend the Kit-Kat Club garden party, founded by Ghislaine Maxwell

In December 2008, Dutch historian Cees Fasseur claimed that Jonathan Aitken was the result of a wartime affair between Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and Penelope Aitken.[7]

Toos Nijenhuis testified she was present at child sacrifice ceremonies in the presence of Prince Bernhard



Jonathan Aitken - once a Cabinet Minister, later convicted of perjury, now a clergyman - has disclosed  that  as an angelic choirboy he won the devotion of boy-loving composer Benjamin Britten.


'When I was eight, I sang in Handel's Messiah in Norwich Cathedral,' Aitken tells me. 'I had a good treble voice for solos.'

Aitken, who discussed his musical tastes BBC Radio 3, explained that Britten was a family friend in Suffolk, where he was establishing the Aldeburgh Festival while Aitken's father was a local MP.

During the years 1959-60, Harold Macmillan's Conservative government contained a large number of homosexual or bisexual members:

The foreign secretary, Selwyn Lloyd, was in love with his godson and personal assistant Jonathan Aitken.


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Former UK cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken

Soraya Khashoggi had an affair with Jonathan Aitken, president of Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

Soraya Khashoggi

Sandra Daly was the illegitimate daughter of a waitress from Leicester in the UK.

At the age of 20, Sandra married Adnan Khashoggi, converted to Islam, and took the name Soraya Khashoggi.

In 1999, DNA testing confirmed that Petrina Khashoggi, 'the daughter of Adnan Khashoggi', was Aitken's biological child, the result of the affair with Soraya.


Former Cabinet Member Jonathan Aitken went to jail.

Aitken was chairman of Le Cercle,[16] alleged by Alan Clark to be funded by the CIA.[17]

Lord Victor Rothschild 

Former MI5 agent Peter Wright wrote Spycatcher.

By late 1987 the book was the number one bestseller in the US.

The book claimed that Prime Minister Harold Wilson was the target of an MI5 conspiracy and that the former boss of MI5, Roger Hollis, worked for Soviet Russia in the 1960s.

There is a strong belief that Lord Victor Rothschild was the brains behind SPYCATHER and that Rothschild's main aim was to prevent people from realising that he, Rothschild, was giving away Britain's secrets to Israel and Russia.


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Amoronica wants to push Romania, Poland and the Baltic countries into war against Russia and this is clear.

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