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'Blackrock has a secret weapon that has made it the most powerful company in the world: Aladdin. 

'If you're ever wondered how Artificial Intelligence could impact our lives, here's the answer. 

'Aladdin is the brainchild of Larry Fink, and it already controls more assets than the GDP than the US. 

'It's growing by $1 trillion to $2 trillion new assets in its control each year.'

Greek Colonels who took power with U.S. backing in the 1967 coup. George Papadopoulos, a key architect of the coup, is on the right. [Source:]. the U.S. government was singlehandedly responsible for installing the dictatorship in 1967. The coup led to a seven-year period. of official violence, torture, and grief.

Greeks Commemorate 1973 Massacre by U.S.-Backed Junta


For a world that meets the needs and rights of all – Move On!

Why Is Ghislaine Maxwell’s Defense So Intent on Talking About Jeffrey Epstein’s Famous Friends?

Ghislaine body double

'Jane’s father was a musical composer and died of leukemia. 

'She said his employer canceled his health insurance and they ‘essentially went bankrupt and had to move’.

'She said Epstein swooped in and began paying for voice lesson, clothes and schooling.

'During yesterday’s opening statement, the prosecution said Maxwell and Epstein would prey on girls with single mothers who had financial trouble and ‘promise them the world’.'

Robert Maxwell (right)

Charlie commented -

Re Christine & Isobel Maxwell 'creating software' used by the CIA etc, 

The Maxwell Corporation in the 1980s was one of a number of Corporations that was involved in the race to both control intellectual property (In Maxwell's case, largely scientific research from Eastern Europe) and the delivery/supply of that information. 

I worked for a software company which ran on-line information services (large searchable databases) and supply text-searching database software. 

Our software was used by The Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Cia and DoD in the USA and security services in South Korea and across Europe. 

We were taken over by the Maxwell Corporation in the late 1980s & only spent a short time under the control of Ian Maxwell, before his evil dad went swimming and we came under the control of PWC, as receivers. 

As the software technology became out dated (due to lack of investment) & the market shifted towards the internet, the businesses were sold off. 

Maxwell also placed members of his wider family (Rosens etc) in companies that he had aquired. Nick Rosen of The Guardian is Ghislaine's cousin.

Whitney Webb@_whitneywebb

The judge in the Maxwell trial thinks Dershowitz is a "luminary". Unreal
Quote Tweet

ArtisticWhistleBlower, WIDE AWAKE@ArtisticBlower· 27 Nov

Stowe School.

 Unknown commented-

Report then discusses discusses "rumors" (now confirmed by victims) that Maxwell was hosting "bizarre parties at her house to which she invites a dozen or so young girls, then brandishes a whip and teaches them how to improve their sexual techniques."

Unknown commented -

Turkey in crisis? TRL in free fall against the dollar and pound. About 18 TRL to 1 GBP. Apple has halted sales in Turkey.

Truss (right)

Unknown commented - 

Hansard - October 2020 - Elizabeth Truss - 'We have already signed a continuity FTA with Israel, and we want to go further in a new free trade agreement in areas such as tech, digital and data. 

'We are two tech superpowers, and there is huge opportunity for British businesses and Israeli businesses to work more closely together.'

Evening Standard 2003: "Ghislaine has risen, largely thanks to property developer Epstein bankrolling her, to become queen of the billionaires' social circuit...Jeffrey only likes billionaires or very young women and uses Ghislaine as his social pimp."

"Everything is like a dream, is like dew, is like a bubble or a flash of lightning. Nothing stays but is always in a process of change. Rather than being some constant, fixed reality, this whole universe constantly appears and disappears."



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There is this term called the "Culture Wars".
One of it's better known domains is entertainment.
TV-shows, movies, pop culture.

There are these big big franchises, brand names, even shows
that have been running for decades in the case of Dr. Who
and Star Trek. ...Marvel Comics.
All turned to sh*t, destroyed, trampled and spat on,
purposefully destroyed, with intent, with malice.

Then again: it is them that setteth it up - this edifice, that obelisk -
it is them that raze it to the ground and bulldoze over it.

Minor detail: there also exists a magazine called The Culture Wars.
Published by one E. Michael Jones.
He has a Bitchute channel:

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EU must consider mandatory Covid jabs, says Von der Leyen

European Commission president says EU states need to discuss idea in response to spread of Omicron variant

At 1 December 2021 at 04:54 , Blogger Mishko said...

It has been said that to raise public awareness,
(life not being as advertised, all not being as it should be)
911 is the main pressure point.

But we know that claim does not hold.
There is unquestioning loalty (bordering to fealty) to
the US and Israel.

A near insurmountable inertia. 911 is establishment, 911 is status quo.
One could even argue that 911 is rule of law, is democracy as things stand.
There is no way forward with 911.
It will just rot from within and eventually crumble.

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I've seen nothing in this variant that warrants Britain's extreme response to it: Dr ANGELIQUE COETZEE, the doctor who alerted the world to the Omicron Covid variant, says we are over-reacting to the threat

“Quite simply, I have been stunned at the response – and especially from Britain.

“And let me be clear: nothing I have seen about this new variant warrants the extreme action the UK government has taken in response to it.”

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George Monbiot: ‘Britain is becoming a police state by stealth’

‘We should be on the streets in our millions’

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Dr Henry Kissinger and Sir Edward Heath with Klaus Schwab

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EU launch of 'vaccine' for infants aged five brought forward

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More re Èric Zemmour, Jewish presidential candidate of France

Zemmour earlier claimed to be unaware of the Epstein affair which implicates Israel and Jews

Eric Zemmour charges rival Mélenchon for his remarks "worthy of the conspiracy theorists who see Mossad behind 9/11".

His campaign is financed by Rothschild bankers with Sephardic surnames, notably a certain "Julien Madar", or Jonathan Nadler

His lawyer, Oliver PARDO, is a Jew whose family originates from Salonika

Eric Zemmour is the star of a channel, CNEWS, chaired by : Serge NEDJAR, a French-Israeli Sephardic Jew

CNEWS belongs to the Canal+ group, whose president is: Maxime SAADA, Sephardic Jew

Canal+ is owned by François Bolloré-Goldschmidt (Jewish on his mother's side, the Goldschmidts are a family of German Jewish financiers, some of whom married into the Rothschild family)

Eric Zemmour is a columnist in the Figaro, a newspaper owned by the Jewish Bloch-Dassaut.

Eric Zemmour is supported by the Livre Noir channel which is developing an electoral campaign around him. Livre Noir is chaired by Garen Shnorhokian, a Sephardic Jew of Algerian origin

Eric Zemmour launches his presidential campaign in Toulon. The meeting is organised by Jérôme Lévy who is in charge of introducing him to the fans

On Cnews, practising Jew Zemmour puts pressure on Macron to vaccinate the goyim

Anna Cabana, Sephardic journalist, on her friend Eric Zemmour
At home, he eats kosher.
He doesn't believe in God, but he still prays at the synagogue. And the religious holidays. And the boys' bar mitzvahs.
a yellow gold chain under his shirt, he is asked what hangs from it, he takes out a small Sefer Torah, the scrolls of the holy text.
Anna Cabana, Le Point, 02.10.14

Eric Zemmour explains in his book Le Suicide Français, that the Frankish king Saint Louis (Louis IX) is a Jew, and was inspired by the Hebrew kingdom of Jerusalem to lay the foundations of France.

Zemmour went to a Jewish community school, sends his children to Israel

Zemmour, via Siaci Saint-Honoré of the Jew Pierre Donnersberg, which belongs to the Rothschilds, is financed by THE SAME PEOPLE WHO FINANCED MACRON.

Full name -
Éric Justin Léon Zemmour
Zemmour: «My name is Eric, Justin, Léon. But, in the synagogue, my name is Moses.»

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WATCH: Police SLAM young girl to ground at freedom protest in Melbourne

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Judge Orders Pfizer, FDA to Release Documents – First Doc Dump Says Thousands Killed by Shot in First Month

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Bill Gates and Rockefeller Foundations collaborate with the United Nations to produce guide for blockchain-based “vaccine passport” (digital identity)

At 1 December 2021 at 15:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Judge Stands up to a Hospital: "Step Aside" and Give a Dying Man Ivermectin

At 1 December 2021 at 17:08 , Blogger Mishko said...

Michigan US became infamous for it's toxic water supply, from which
the then president Obama faked drinking a sip.
But there are other infernal machinations going on within Michigan,
of which this podcast covers the education angle. *)

*) EAA stands for Education Achievement Authority

At 2 December 2021 at 00:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aladdin summoned a Genie (Djinn) and you know how the rest goes.

I'm going to throw something in the box marked 'reality'. Artificial Intelligence doesn't exist (Follow me a bit longer on this). It isn't artificial at all Aang. It is Actual INTELLIGENCE.

The realm we consider as quantum computing and the next generation of machine code and binary isn't as artificial as you would think. Quantum computing allows all positions of possibility to exist in the same reality/space. An example (albeit a basic example) is where binary exists between 'on and off', quantum exists where 'on and off' are merely abstract and 'on and off' exist at the same time. Creating another reality.

Quantum superposition is a fundamental principle of quantum mechanics. It states that, much like waves in classical physics, any two (or more) quantum states can be added together ("superposed") and the result will be another valid quantum state; and conversely, that every quantum state can be represented as a sum of two or more other distinct states. Mathematically, it refers to a property of solutions to the Schrödinger equation.

The Djinn are 'energy beings' and are electrical energy. The interface between the form and the formless world and their quantum reality is the IOT (Internet of Things) and their digital reality. An ongoing process of building a world for the formless. The electrical grid, servers, microchips, microwaves and electromagnetic frequency is Jinn reality.

They are quantum beings who use their quantum superposition to interact with our physical reality and the world of form. The 'lights out production', full automation and the 'rise of the machines', is Djinn manifestation into our world.

Nabi Suleiman (King Solomon) had control of the Djinns and King James wrote a book on Daemons and their classifications.

Without knowledge of the 'unseen' and how our 'framed' reality manifests and our extremely complex relationship with Djinn, all seemingly unconnected and random events appear confusing and bewildering. Reality, however, is they are orchestrating the show.

Knowing of their actual existence and not some quasi religious concept gives a fundamental understanding of reality way beyond the pay grade of most.

To some, superstition and the domain of religious nutters. To others, a reality that overlaps the physical realm and where screeds of evidence exists the world over pointing to their existence.

Perhaps a little closer to home might shine a light on their reality further. Look no further than the the 'floating Jinn palaces' in Monaco.

The Book of Enoch describes The Djinn (Fallen Angels) and their descent onto Mt Hermon at 33°24′58″N.

There is a sacred building made of stone on the summit of Mt Hermon, known as Qasr Antar, it is the highest temple of the ancient world and was documented by Sir Charles Warren in 1869. An inscription on a limestone stele recovered by Warren was translated to read "According to the command of the greatest and Holy God, those who take an oath (proceed) from here."

The inscription with the oath taken by the angels (djinns) under Semjaza who took an oath together, bound by a curse, in order to take human wives. Book of Enoch (1 Enoch 6:6). The stele can be found at The British museum.

A step too far for most, sci-fi for others or an unseen reality for those of understanding. The world is not just a rich man's plaything out to make money for 'big pharma' or 'the banksters'. Nor is it controlled by a few media moguls or bent politicians.

The world of physical reality is controlled (literally) by dark overlords. This temporary arrangement will cease to exist eventually. It is all part of a wider cosmic reality.

Psalms 37:11 — “But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.”

Peace to the humans.

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Photo of Ursula von der Leyen on 10 Nov 2021, giving a 'Distinguished Leadership Award' at the globalist Atlantic Council, to her friend Albert Bourla the Pfizer CEO ... look at them, in laughter and almost kissing ... no worries about masks or social distancing

And this after the scandals of hidden clauses and 'lost' communications in EU vaccine procurement, von der Leyen 'negotiating' the EU ordering some $30-billion-plus in vaccines from the criminally-judged Pfizer firm

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Omikron an interdimentional reality. David Bowie as a murder victim trapped in a digital world of demons (Jinns).

Bowie reminds us from his avatar that the survival of 'your' soul is at stake.

A nomad soul encased in a digital world......... I kid you not!!!??



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