Thursday 9 September 2021


'The US Trained the Afghan Mujahideen To Produce War Propaganda.

'The Aleppo Media Center – funded by the Washington-based Syrian Expatriates Organization, which famously posted videos of Omran Daqneesh – the four-year-old boy who, against his father’s wishes, became a central part of the war propaganda effort. 

'The person who took the infamous photo of Daqneesh – who became known in U.S. media as “Aleppo boy” – was Mahmoud Raslan.

'Raslan was also a member of a U.S.-funded armed group, Nour al-Din al-Zenki, that beheaded 10-year-old Palestinian boy Abdallah Issa.'


"Retired Israeli generals either become arms dealers or they set up security companies.” 

Privatizing the Occupation: How Israeli Corporations Came to Police the Palestinians

'Zodiac Maritime cargo ships were being used to ferry Israeli Black Hawk helicopters to Iran, where they were used by elite commando teams in reconnaissance missions against Iran’s alleged nuclear programs.'

Zodiac Maritime have close connections with Great Britain. Its day-to-day operations are run from London, with much of its fleet registered in Britain.

'Hereford is the headquarters of the SAS, Britain’s most elite fighting force. 

Because of the SAS, the city of barely 60,000 people has become arguably the worldwide center for mercenaries, a recent report noting that no fewer than 14 private military and security companies are based there.'

'The United Kingdom has close links with the Israeli national security state, supplying the IDF with over $500 million worth of weapons since 2015, much of this being aircraft or high tech machinery. 

'British units provide training to their Israeli counterparts and there is even a small British force stationed inside the Jewish state. 

The U.K. and Israel now conduct joint war games as well as share intelligence. 

As Declassified UK noted, the United Kingdom also plays a crucial role in maintaining Israeli nuclear weapons, supplying submarine components that maintain the country’s nuclear capabilities.'

'A recent investigation found that one third of the British cabinet, including Prime Minister Johnson, have been directly financed by Israel or pro-Israli lobby groups.'

Revealed: Mercer Street’s Parent Shipping Company a Front for Israeli Intelligence

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Maybe the first coup d'état inspired by the Taliban victory, is the coup that just took place in the 85% Muslim nation of Guinea, a mining-resource-rich nation on the upper west coast of Africa.

Overthrown was President Alpha Condé; recently, "Conde won a third term after changing the constitution to allow himself to stand again"

Ousted President Condé had famous friends

"Tony Blair and George Soros tied to scandal in Guinea"

'At the invitation of President Alpha Conde, George Soros, founder of the Open Society Foundations, and his team spent four days in Guinea'

photo - George Soros with Alpha Condé

photo - Tony Blair with Alpha Condé

"A special forces unit apparently seized power and detained President Alpha Conde

Coup is reportedly led by Lieutenant Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, a former French legionnaire and an elite military unit commander

"poverty and endemic corruption" had driven troops to act, they said

“We are no longer going to entrust politics to one man, we are going to entrust politics to the people,” Doumbouya said in a public TV address. “Guinea is beautiful. We don’t need to rape Guinea anymore, we just need to make love to her.”

photo - Lt Col Mamady Doumbouya

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NYT Confirms Biden Murdered Innocent Family In Kabul Drone Strike

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Photo is I think a mash-up ... but funny

3 Taliban warriors holding up a trophy Trump flag, with Trump as Rambo


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