Saturday 3 July 2021


Peter Mandelson (right) with lord Rothschild.

Mandelson is reportedly helping Keir Starmer, leader of the UK's Labour Party.

Peter Mandelson with his friend Jeffrey Epstein.

Lord Jacob Rothschild's close friend Peter Mandelson has the job of getting the UK Labour Party's Keir Starmer appointed as Prime Minister of the UK?

Boris Johnson's Conservative Party is falling apart?

Michel Gove and Dominic Cummings.

Michael Gove allegedly has had a relationship with Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson's former top adviser.

Top cabinet minister Michael Gove has split with his wife Sarah Vine.

Top cabinet minister Matt Hancock has replaced his wife with his mistress.

Unknown comments - 

@kmacbean123: "Looks like Gove may be coming out as gay. Or some other well-timed distraction story. What don’t they want us seeing right about now?" @Dutch_editor: "... Mary Wakefield hinted at a gay affair between Michael Gove and her husband Dominic Cummings years ago." @KazzJenkins: "It was reported Gove moved in with an intern months ago. Why the 'news' today?"

Boris Johnson and Lord Jacob Rothschild. @PoliticsForAlI: "NEW: Number 10 has refused to say whether Michael Gove has broken any social distancing rules, and there are questions over his living arrangements during the lockdowns" @FromeireMonique: "If it's that Gove is gay, that’s the least earth shattering story ever. It's been blindingly obvious from the moment he appeared on the public stage. What's shocking is that anyone would be at all surprised by it." @PoliticsForAlI: "NEW: Downing Street is very concerned about the private life of a minister: 'The story could break at any moment'" @WillBlackWriter: "It's actually heartwarming that rabid Tories Michael Gove and Sarah Vine are having a conscious uncoupling, like liberals, rather than him getting filmed snorting coke off a naked intern and her doing a 'standing by him' press call by the gate, before going inside to chuck stuff"

Australia - No jab, no job

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Former Tory MP and Minister Nick Boles, who has known them both for more than 20 years, said: 'One of the things that I admire them for in a sad situation is not having lost their admiration for each other and affection for each other. The line about them still being friends is true.'

Nick Boles has spent £678.80 on studying Hebrew after entering into a civil partnership with Shay Meshulam last year. Mr Boles, who has called for pensioners to be stripped of free prescriptions,...


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