Monday 26 April 2021


Netanyahu and Modi. 

India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is a member of extremist Hindu organization, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which follows the Nazi-ideology.

'The Israel-India Alliance is Deep Rooted in a Worldview and Belief System.

'Both the Jew and the Brahman Hindu consider themselves as the superior elite of human civilization and consider all non-Hindus or non-Jews (Goyim) to have been created with a lower status.' 

Nelson Rockefeller.

'Among the Rockefeller Foundation’s 12 board members, there is just one Gentile white person: John Rowe, and he’s affiliated with the Jewish Mount Sinai.'

Rockefeller Foundation: Hardly a Gentile White to be Found

Rajiv Shah, whose origins are in India, is the president of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Rajiv Shah has worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Sundar Pichai

“The Top Ten Indian CEOs Who are Ruling the World”

1. Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google.
2. Satya Nadella chief executive officer of Microsoft.

3. Sanjay Kumar Jha: the CEO of Global Foundries, the world's first full-service semiconductor foundry.
4. Nikesh Arora: the CEO of Softbank Internet and Media Inc.
5. Shantanu Narayen: CEO of Adobe.

6. Francisco D'Souza:is the CEO of Cognizant.
7. Sanjay Mehrotra:the CEO of Micron Technology, Inc.
8. Rajeev Suri: the CEO of Nokia .

9. George Kurian:CEO of storage and data management company NetApp.
10. Indra Nooyi:chairperson and CEO of PepsiCo.

“The Top Ten Indian CEOs Who are Ruling the World”

'There’s little question that foreign-born upper-caste subcontinent Indians have got a big toehold in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.'

'If someone’s scheming to demonetize voices on YouTube or take dissenters off of social media, more often than not a sub-continent Indian is involved.'

'Like evangelical Zio Christian and Jewish Messianic nutwingism, upper-castes believe that Hindus  will rule the world from the Hindu holy land.'  

The Indians in the UK government - Priti Patel, Alok Sharma, Rishi Sunak

'Under the British colonial rule and as late as the mid-20th century, the caste organization was accelerated as the central mechanism of India’s administration. 

'Between 1860 and 1920, the British segregated Indians by caste, and granted administrative jobs and senior appointments only to those of the upper castes.

'British society’s own similarly rigid class system provided the British with a template for understanding Indian society and castes [Ghuman, Paul (2013) British Untouchables: A Study of Dalit Identity and Education].

'Nicholas Dirks has argued that India’s caste system as we know it today is a “modern phenomenon,” as caste was “fundamentally transformed by British colonial rule.” According to Dirks, before colonialism, caste affiliation was quite loose and fluid.

'The British colonial government and their allies, for instance, enacted the Criminal Tribes Act of 1871. 

Indian mutiny.

'This law declared that everyone belonging to certain lower-tier castes were born with criminal tendencies.

'In reality, the British and their upper-caste minions created one of the nastiest systems in modern history, if ever.' 

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At 26 April 2021 at 04:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bill Clinton was religious. Bill Clinton could quote Scripture with the best of them. Bill Clinton could preach with the best of them. He gave some very powerful speeches at Notre Dame, where he sounded Catholic; at African-American churches, where he sounded AME or Baptist. Now, these all overlap. It wasn't contradictory. And he quoted Scripture at least as much, if not more than George W. Bush does."

E.J. Dionne Jr, Co-Chair Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life

EVERY organized religion has its share of wolves dressed as sheep (and some who barely even bother with a disguise) ...

At 26 April 2021 at 05:19 , Blogger zard said...

Some ill-informed, and not very well read people, will suggest Hitler was a Controlled Agent, or even that he was jewish or a Rothschild… some type of Controlled Opposition – saying that Adolf Hitler wasn’t genuinely fighting against the New World Order and the jewish banking cartels. Honestly, these people have either not done the relevant research or are incapable of critical thinking – and many of these people in the alternative media who say these things are disinfo agents – Controlled Opposition Zionist shills.

At 26 April 2021 at 08:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for ur valuable info, all hats off to ur comment!

At 26 April 2021 at 08:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Clear evidence of PM shamelessly misleading Parliament

"Six Opposition leaders calling for a vote on an inquiry into the PM’s relentless lying to MPs

"Why has this still not been reported on national news @BBCNews?"

At 26 April 2021 at 09:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 April 2021 at 09:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 April 2021 at 09:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 28 April 2021 at 10:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no research or evidence in Maultsby's long hysterical screed. Its nothing but questions and trite assumptions that prove little except his own pro-Hitler bias. Where is the proof Hitler was jewish? Or NOT jewish? Nowhere, because Maultsby certainly wont include anything that diputes his own viewpoint. One headlines states Rothschild bank assets seized. Big Deal. Rothschild was LET to GO FREE by the Nazis, not jailed and executed. WHY?
Israeli media have come out and claimed Hitler was part jewish, tho this gets scrubbed asap. Uber-expert for decades, JEWISH CIA agent/mid east spy Robert Baer even claimed Hitler survived and made his way to Argentina post WW2. Why has nearly no one heard of his book on this? The book, and Baer, were quickly scrubbed from pubic life. Does Chuck cuck have any idea where the 'rumor' that Hitler was a Rothschild originated? Not likely. It was NOT from "Controlled Opposition Zionist shills" as he claims. It came from declassified dox of the OSS and William Donovan's dairies. As founder of precursor to present CIA, Donovan was tasked to investigate Hitler's background, assemble a dossier as a possible future leader in Germany and this is what the OSS found. the story of Hitler's Rothschild connection was discovered by US intell agents investigating European emerging threats- of whom Hitler seemed to be one of several. Calling input you dont like 'fake news' or 'conspiracy theory' is NOT REAL research. Just proves your limited intellect and skills.


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