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Abdulak Anzorov (right), the alleged murderer.

The 'murder' of Samuel Paty, a French middle-school teacher, took place on 16 October 2020 in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, a suburb of Paris.

A French schoolgirl has now admitted lying about Samuel Paty.

The 13-year-old student, whose father started a hate campaign against the teacher by filing a legal complaint, has now said she “lied” to please her father and she did not even attend the class where the teacher was alleged to have shown a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad.

The girl, who has not been named, had originally claimed that Paty showed “a photograph of the Prophet naked” to pupils during a class on free speech.

The girl’s lawyer Mbeko Tabula said she had confirmed that she was off sick on the day and did not attend the class at the school in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, west of Paris.

French daily newspaper Le Parisien, on Sunday reported, that the girl wanted to prevent her father from knowing that she was suspended for failing to attend the lessons.

“She would not have dared to confess to her father the real reasons for her exclusion shortly before the tragedy, which was in fact linked to her bad behaviour,” Le Parisien reported.

The father 'started a hate campaign against the teacher.'

America Created Al-Qaeda and ISIS 

According to the SITE Intelligence Group, a group which is reportedly linked to Mossad, supporters of al-Qaeda have been 'celebrating' the attack on the Paris teacher and sharing graphic images online.

There have also been posts from ISIS and al-Qaeda supporters 'claiming [the killer] will inspire other lone wolves', according to SITE director Rita Katz.

The great mosque of Pantin  posted on its Facebook page the video of a parent complaining about the Paris teacher Samuel Paty.

This mosque is affiliated with UAM93 , a Muslim organization whose secretary general Mohamed Henniche is a very close friend of the Zionists. 


Mohamed Henniche (far left) in Israel.

In 2012, Henniche was invited discreetly to Israel.

'Two years earlier, he was the Islamic surety of Sam Ghozlan, a Judeofascist (settled in Israel) who had tried to coax Muslims by paying (crocodile) homage to Said Bourarach, murdered by Jewish extremists .'


The French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and his Moroccan counterpart Abdelouafi Laftit 

The French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and his Moroccan counterpart Abdelouafi Laftit met in Morocco just prior to the Paris teacher attack.

Abdulak Anzorov (right)

Members of Abdulak's family, Abuezid and Said, have worked in a security company, and were employed to guard the Eiffel Tower. 

The family planned to get Abdulak to work in the same company after he graduated from college. 

Abdulak was studying to be a security guard, and was about to receive a diploma. 

Photo of the alleged executioner of the French teacher found 

Abdulak Anzorov and his brother.

A family member said of Abdulak: 'He has no radical sentiments.'

The uncle suggested that Abdulak's 'suicide note' left on Twitter was fabricated. 

He stated that the voiceover "does not sound like his nephew's."

Опубликованы фото чеченца Абдулака Анзорова ... 


Above, we see Samuel Paty, the teacher allegedly murdered in Paris.

Below, we see what appears to be a fake head.


Aboulakh Anzorov came to France as a six-year-old boy.[4][27]

He lived in the Normandy town of Évreux.

Reportedly, he had no connection with Samuel Paty or Paty's school.

In the Paris area, Aboulakh Anzorov is alleged to have killed Samuel Paty, a teacher.

Anzorof was armed with an airsoft gun, which fires plastic pellets. 

Anzorov has links to the 'CIA/Mossad' organisation called ISIS.

The prosecutor leading the investigation, Jean-François Ricard, revealed that Anzorov's half-sister had travelled to join ISIS in Syria in 2014.

The hashtag #JeSuisSamuel (I am Samuel) trended on social media, like the #JeSuisCharlie call for solidarity after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in 2015.

The attacker?

If you want to know how dark is the future ahead, France is the place to look at and UNZ Review is the online magazine to visit daily: French Court Sentenced Alain Soral to Pay Jewish Organization $158,500 for Re-releasing 128-Year-Old Book

Pierre Rehov, Israeli 'extremist', tweeted that he had "received the photo" of the beheaded victim.

The head is wearing an anti-covid mask.

The face reportedly differs from that of the teacher.

Israeli extremists were reportedly the first with the news of the alleged killing of the teacher.

Samuel Paty .

NWO Broadcasting Corp@SecondRepublic1

Another #Gladio #FalseFlag

According to Le Parisien , the attacker was an 18-year-old man of #Chechen origin, who was carrying a knife. 

He WASNT a student nor seemed to have any relatives in #SamuelPaty 's class

Its incredible that a 18 yr old #Chechen with just a knife DECAPITATED a fit 47 yr old. 

The country's anti-terror prosecutor earlier called the incident a #stabbing, but both the Reuters and AP news agencies said police sources told them the victim was #decapitated.

Mr #Paty reportedly showed images of the #ProphetMuhammad in class on 5 October. 

12 days later an 18 yr old Chechen with NO CONNECTION to Paty's class stabs him dead.

 9 suspects have been arrested, including the grandparents, parents and brother of the attacker. Believable ??

Una Smyth@UnaSmyth3·32m

Very difficult to behead with a knife the strenght to hold him down and cut through doesnt ad up.

Reminded me of boston bombing Chechen young man etc

NWO Broadcasting Corp@SecondRepublic1

An 18 yr old holding down a 47 yr old man and slitting his throat? Its Hollywood BS a gladio fairy tale.





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